This Past Fall On My Bike

I can't remember all the details of my ride, but I know I left early and it was dark, with just a hint of light in the eastern sky but I needed my bike light the first 5 or 10 miles.    I wasn't worried, I was on the farm road that I ride often and at that time of the day there was no traffic.  It was a clear day and I could see the sky getting lighter and lighter.  About 10 minutes before sunrise I could turn off my light and still not a single car has passed me.  It was such a cool sight to see the sun peek out over the fields, to feel it's warmth, to get it's light.  I think that's the last sunrise I have seen from beginning to end and I will still enjoy everyone.
loopnscc loopnscc
46-50, M
Dec 11, 2011