Billiant Colors

I've watched many sunrises and I never get tired of watching them (sunsets too).  the two I remember most are:

1st was in Africa.  The sunrise in mogidishu coming up over the Indian ocean was spectacular.  Such a beautiful site in war ravaged country.  I purchased several paintings by locals of the sunrises and sunsets while I was there.

2nd was in Seattle.  driving south on I-5 early in the morning the sun would radiate off the tops of the snow covered mountains all around - incredible colors!

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1 Response Mar 13, 2007

My baby sis leaves for Africa in January... Peace Corp. Not that this has anything to do w/ your story.<br />
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As for the sunsets, you should try one in Florida... the sun disappears into the water. From the keys is really special. The very tip of FL and only 90 miles from Cuba. The stories that are told of souls lost seeking freedom... incredible.