Last one I watched was on Myrtle Beach this spring---got up early-my room was overlooking the ocean-I had poured myself a cup of coffee---sat out on the balcony and it was absolutely beautiful-pjs on-blanket wrapped around me!  My daughter and her best friend were still asleep--it was a wonderful way to start the morning! 

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My daughter and her friend were still sleeping--I just took my blanket and coffee on the balcony and watched. <br />
<br />
I'm hoping to get back there this spring for a long weekend--daughter will be in a college softball tournament --go down watch a game or two--and take some "me" time--it'll be great, walk on the beach--enjoy some swimming--look forward to it--

Sounds very romantic. I have never been there/.

Oh Yes! Myrtle Beach is my place to unwind, living just a couple hours away. There are so many mystical sunsets and sunrises and the sound of the romantic ocean waves kissing the shore. Sharing it with that special someone in their arms would be ultra delicious and memorable; agree with you 100% !!! Guess it's time for you to go back very soon!

Was a beautiful morning-look forward to doing it again.

Yea it could-having that special person next to you sharing the sunrise, coffee, ocean and...........

Sunrise, coffee, and the ocean. It doesn't get much better than that, does it?