I remember my first chilly sunset. Time to gather 'round the fire for another story~
It was 7o'clock. I was with one of my friends (he moved) for solo ensemble. I had a solo coming up, and I was really nervous. I didn't know that it was darkening out.
"Hey," he interrupted my sentence. "Look." I looked at where he was pointing. The sunset was a pink fire. layered with yellow in the middle, then orange, then pink... I gaped in awe.
Then it was time for my solo. Before I went, I gave a person I really respected - someone I loved - a valentine bundle. I was blushing so much, but he accepted it.
He saw my solo and I was blushing then, too.. He liked it more than the ensemble he did, and it got a pretty high grade...
I will always remember that day.
SoraMayOctavian SoraMayOctavian
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2014