SUNRISE / Sunset!!

I get to see both in South Australia!


There is nothing in the world like seeing a new day dawning

and a full day "sleeping!"


A sunrise,whether in a cloud ,or blue skies means so much to me!


I Am Alive for Another DAY!!

mzdivine mzdivine
3 Responses Jun 4, 2009

May your star stay forever bright. Chipperchhick

I am Awake every morning to greet the new day!<br />
<br />
It makes me think I have made it through another night!<br />
<br />
I often go for a walk around the silent neighbourhood as the<br />
<br />
person I am...Mzd!...You can't imagine how good that feels!

Himzdivine<br />
I love both sunrises and sunsets. Greek sunsets are magnificent - best on Naxos where there is a stone "fr<x>amework" called The Gateway. Crowds gather in many places in Greece such as at The Acropolis. It is like a ceremony. The sun is red and round and kisses the horizon and then finally passes. There is a feeling of a sigh!<br />
Sunrises are my favorite though. I like to be alone with my dogs and am amazed how different sunrises are - so many unique interacting with the clouds. I love it when a mountain range turns pink. Wonderful times of day. One time I saw a totally glorious sunrise explode into the clouds and saw a dustbin lorry had stopped to watch too! Thank you for getting me to think of them.<br />