Favorite Anchors On The Show

Victoria Sinclair was the lead anchor. Brunette, nice slim body, mid 30's. She would start her segment dressed to the 9's and slowly remove her clothes until she was fully nude. Nicely seductive, but not sexual. Just nude and with no shame.

Then there was Holly. She became pregnant shortly after I found the site and continued on the show as her pregnancy developed. It was beautiful watching as her breasts filled out and her belly swelled with new life. She was perfectly comfortable being nude as the child inside her developed.

This is how life should be lived - no shame of the body and a willingness to share it with the world.
georgiaboy georgiaboy
61-65, M
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Victoria, Holly, Lily. Any one of them could have gone anywhere in broadcast news and been a star.