I Did More Than Watch

I have set it up... arranged it. Made it a part of my Domination of my boys... it is part of their training. I am in bed with them and I teach them how to please each other, how to take each other into them, how to be f*u*c*k*e*d and like it, how to take the others ***** into their mouths and lick, suck and enjoy...

I teach them to be the sissy boys most men are at heart.

But the important thing, the MOST important thing, is that I like to watch, to participate, to be there, to enjoy it!
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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17 Responses Jul 14, 2010

That sounds perfect. Having a strong woman show me how to be the sissy ********** I am would be a dream. Would love to hear more about your expeiences training men like me.

You may have a good point there, kooky, that it is having a woman there that gave the bois the permission they thought they needed to do what I feel they truly wanted to do.

I know it has been said, but I would do that for you Sabrina. I think you are right that many but not all men have the ability to enjoy a homosexual encounter. The fact that it is with a woman allows some men to rationalize it and therefore not feel the guilt that might prevent them from such pleasure.<br />
It is the ultimate service for the woman that the man succumbs to her wishes. (or should that be "suck ****") LOL. Thank you so much for sharing and feel free to msg me if you are ever in need of another participant.

I have gotta say that this story, and the comments, are interesting, reguardless of what your sexual proclivities are. lol

Thank you.

LMAO! Oh really? Gay sex is the purest ex<x>pression of masculinity???? Too funny. What a riot. I rather think that straight man/woman sex is the height, but whatever.

Despite your attempt to subvert male sexuality to your own ends, the fact is that two men loving each other is still the purest ex<x>pression of masculinity possible. Your use of men's desire to affirm their masculinity by sharing it with each other is a corruption.

I wouldn't know about that. I do not like my bois to be on drugs. I want them to experience the joys of being penetrated while they are sober.

That's so twisted and hot! I've been turning straight men for years, as a gay man. It's gotten easier<br />
usually when they're on meth they crave ****.

You are so right. I would love to be taught a lesson by you, not wanting to be crude but reading your story instantly made me hard and fantasise. It must be a fantasy of other women too.

You don't have to be a sissy to be Bi - i'm certainly not a sissy, but I love both ***** & **** - preferably at the same time!

Not so kinky. I think most men want this... I just help bring it out in them.


MMMMM... sounds like fun! if you were closer, I wanna play! :)

Now THAT is the right attitude!

It is an incredible turnon to see them finally admit that they have always wanted to have another man take them.... incredible. But in the end, it is ME that they have to pleasure.

I'm willing if you are. Btw, take a look at one of my comments I wrote to respond to someone's story. It's one of my greatest fantasies. I think that you'll like it VERY much. It goes right along with your story above.