I was one of the 2 men... YEAH!

I got over my initial anticipation and anxiety and enjoyed the first time I had a 69 with another guy... I've done more, but that's more than I have time to tell you about right now. Rain check? ;)

bamaswitch bamaswitch
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6 Responses Jul 16, 2010

69 is greaat with a guy. Especially if u *** together n share it in a sloppy long deep *** kiss to finish

Excellent, in every way! I agree completely. :D

Raincheck is OK! More later, though!

Wow, never have ManQC but sound good to me!....as least with a transexuals

I watched a 4-way between four transexuals just last Friday, after having sucked one of them to a good, hard erection myself! It was a delightful experience, which I hope to repeat often!!

Maybe he is like me, I was never good in expressing my feelings! My first 69 was awesome, I still remember staring at his huge **** what seem like forever until I finally began licking the heard and when I got my first taste of precum it was all I needed to begin to suck on the shaff! My partner was well experienced and while I was thinking about it he was just sucking me to death!

Shy to talk about it huh!