Yes Have Peeked Two Guys Having Sex

It was at a party at a friends house , I attended the party and later i went up stairs to wash my face etc, and as i passed a room i heard talking and the door partly open, so i look throuh the opening and these two guys were naked and palying around with each other , and i was going to walk away but found myself wanting to watch so i stayed and watched them until they finished , i found it a turn on to watch and they never knew i had seen them. And as i aways have enjoyed watching people having sex i seen nothing wrong with watching these two guys
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9 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Next time, would you like to join them in bed ?

It's even more fun to be one of the guys!

It's even more fun to be one of the guys!

i always like partys,,,, most folkes leave thier cameras in an unattended bedroom,,, with an adjoining bathroom,, i get the cameras,get in the bathroom,,,, get a nice hardon and snap a picture,, then put the cameras back,,lol

there is nothing wrong with 2 guys having sex then 2 girls<br />
it is nice to watch how the guys do it<br />
it is exciting an so sweet

you should have joined in a new and erotic experience,, a different kind of pleasure

Hope there was plenty of *** play ....


Fascinating! Were they naked? How intimate did they get?