I Watched Two Guys Too

I went over to a gay couples house for cocktails last October and we ended up fooling around. I have never done or seen anal sex but was curious how it was. They wanted to take things to the max so I told them I didn't think I could do anal but I'd love to see them in action and that might sway me into trying it.

It was very interesting to watch but the whole room smelled of *** and totally turned me off. Maybe if they douched or had a cleaning enema before it might be better.


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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Agreed. The only way you can really enjoy anal is cleansing before insertion unless one is into the mess and odor. There are other ways to lube an ***

Yup...if you're faint of heart, a fleets or two 30 minutes prior takes care of all that.

Eeew. Definitely a turnoff! I think you are probably right about the need for a good enema an hour before!