What Is Wrong With You Bryan?

Bryan is complicated. I'm a new student at school and the only person I knew at the beginning of the year was Bryan's best friend, who we will refer to as Nick. So the first few days since I know no one else, I hang around with Nick and his friends. I see Bryan checking me out. Nick tells me Bryan likes me.

Bryan asks me on a date, and we begin dating. Not dating as in, "I'm your girlfriend and you're my boyfriend" but as in we go on dates. I would say we go through this period of dating for a good two months.

Bryan is very nice and thoughtful for the first few weeks, walking me to class, holding my books, practicing Grade-A chivalry. But then one day he kisses me. And he begins to act different.

He says he really likes me, as do all of his friends. So I get my hopes up. I mean, Bryan is the star football player; wanted by most of the female population at school (and even some guys!) He's Mr. Popularity with big muscles and a smile that will make your knees all bendy, and this guy, the definition of the word perfect, this guy is into me?!?! I feel great. :)

I spend at least two hours each morning getting ready for the guy, I even bought a perfume in his favorite scent to make him notice me more. But ever since the kiss...he just acts like we're friends. It's very confusing.

One day Bryan invites me over to hang out with some of his friends. He picks me up and holds my hand in the car. He kisses it and smiles. At his friend's house he sits me on his lap and wants nothing more than to cuddle with me. He takes me to a different room and kisses me in the most passionate way I have ever been kissed, I think I even "popped the leg" He holds my hand the entire night and tells everyone that I am "his girl" even though he hasn't officially asked me to be his anything, in fact we never spoke about what our relationship was. We never ( as Tamara from the MTV show awkward would say) DTR'ed. Defined the relationship. Either way I'm the happiest girl in the world because I am being courted by easily the most attractive and popular guy in the town.

He text messages me all night long, flattering my ego with a grandeous array of compliments. I feel butterflies everytime my phone vibrates, notifying me that he has sent me yet another heart-melting message.

The next day he sees me in the hallway. I, like the baffling idiot that I am, run giddily up to him and greet him. He just acts awkward like he doesn't want me there and says he has to get to class. I turn and see him hugging my friend Kayla, but not just any hug, one of those: Pick her up off the ground and spin her all romantically hugs.

I feel very jealous. Why didn't he react the same way when he saw me? Was I that bad of a kisser? Did I smell? Did I look bad? I talk to Kayla in science ( who has no knowledge that Bryan and I have a thing going on) and ask her what she thinks of him. Of course, like every other female in the school, she finds him to be the most gorgeous guy on the planet and says he's been flirting with her alot, so she's come to the conclusion that he likes her.

I try not to overreact, I mean, a little flirting is okay, I bet I flirt with a bunch of other guys too and don't notice. I let it go. I mean, he did say that I was his girl right? I held the rightful place as Bryan Santana's girl...

Or so I thought.

The next 3 weeks are spent in a daze of misery, confusion and anger. He competely ignores me, except when none of his friends are around, but even then all he does is wave at me and smile. Is he ashamed of me? I know I'm not mS.Universe but not anything to be ashamed of either. I finally build up the nards to ask him what was going on. And guess what?

He denies everything, he denies ever kissing me, denies ever saying that I was his girl, even denies taking me on the million dates that he took me on. I can't belive it. He says we're just friends and that's all we'll ever be.

I see him later on in the day holding Kayla's hand down the hall and referring to her as "his girl."

Why do guys do this.

So here, this is for you Bryan Santana, t-.-t ( It's a double middle finger up emotiocon if you can't tell.)

**** you.
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Haha your response made me laugh. I hope karma bites him where it hurts. It really confused me. And I agree, poor Kayla. I hope he at least treats her well! After all, she is my friend and I wouldn't want her to be crying over some scumbag who probably enjoys playing the game referred to as women. :

Oh sweetie. The guys who do this do so because they know they can. It gives them an ego boost. And obviously he does not want to tell anybody else about you because he wants every other girl to think he is single and conclude that he is date-able. Poor Kayla. She's in for a rude shock. Forget the guy. He's not worth getting angry over. Who knows? In 10 years he might transform into a balding, fat guy who spends his days drinking beer and trying to get under the skirts of every woman he meets, while having fathered children here and there. In all probability, he will still be a jerk. Go for personality and kindness, not looks and popularity.