There's a guy who just texted me for about the fifth time this summer. He just went to college this year and I am in my underclassman years in high school (point is, there is a noticeable age gap). We became friends during the beginning of last year. As time went on, I noticed he was a bit... weird, or off, and a little creepy, but he clearly did not have many friends and I felt bad for him, so I kept talking to him. He admitted to liking me a LOT last year, and I would never feel that way about him (he's way too old, etc.) and I thought he had gotten over me once he graduated... But now he's texting me again. I have made it very clear that I am not or will ever be interested in him that way, and that he needs to move on because he is in college now and does not need to keep reverting to a too young high school girl. Clearly he is not taking the hint. But I still feel bad for him, even if he is starting to creep me out a bit; what do I do? Text him back? Block him from my phone? I can give some more details if anyone needs them. Please, I'm a bit freaked out and need some advice! Thanks.
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If it were me I would just ignore him. I ignore guys all the time once they do anything creepy.