Hazel Eyes

I have hazel eyes, i.e. they sometimes look green, sometimes brown, depending on light conditions. But if you look close into my eyes, you will see both colors at the same time: the outer part of my eye has light green and light brown alternate concentric circles, while the inner part (near the pupil) is a web of brown flecks. When I'm sick or sad - or I just get vinegar into an eye - the tears make green show up. Direct sunlight and neon light give my eyes a nice green hue, too. The same eyes, instead, look brown under dim light. Does any of you have similar phenomena? Do you like it? I like my eyes, all in all. (I'd have preferred blue, anyway...)
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weirdcolour,I like your eyes and I have the same colour too!

My boyfriend has hazel eyes as well. I've noticed that his colors change. Sometimes they are a vivid gold with specks of green thrown in other times they are a dullin brown with a little gold flecks.

My eyes are usually a blueish grey. However, then tend to reflect whatever color i'm wearing. If its a blue shirt, then they reflect the blue, but they also look green at certain times. What is bad about them is when they don't have much color at all and look almost clear. That's when they get very sensitive.

My eyes are very strange, they have a dark blue ring, then green with flakes of yellow then brown with contains purple flakes. It freaks people because they are so bright, I've once been mistaken as a vampire:O

I would also call your eyes 'green'. They are a very rare color.

My eyes are... Well, I call them green, but they change. I wouldn't call them hazel, as there is definitely no brown in them at all, but they change from grey to green to amber. Mostly, they appear as grey-green eyes with a dark grey rim around the outside and a yellowish green ring around the pupil. When I cry, they turn more of a bright green. When sunlight hits them from the side, they look extremely pale and the pale center glows amber. I don't know what to call them. But I'm sticking with green. ;-)

Mine are the same;)

Lots of women have really beautiful eyes too:<br />

I once saw a guy in one of my classes who had the most BEAUTIFUL green eyes. They were apple green. I often found my self sneaking looks at them wishing they were mine. <br />
Why is it men who get the most beautiful eyes?<br />
I mean look at Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) beautiful icy blue eyes.

I have your dark grey ring too. That's why a superficial glance might see some blue hue in my eyes. But there's no blue at all (I wish there were!!!)<br />
They also look amber sometimes - when light comes from my side - and they show all their nice flecks... yeah, can be frightening...<br />
I think you and I have the same eyes... They're better when they're green. If you wanna catch someone's eye, gaze at him while the sun hits your eye... it often works ;-)

I have hazel eyes too but mine have a dark gray ring around just the very edge of the colored part of my eyes. Sometimes they look green and sometimes in certain light they look amber which kind of freaks some people out .When I was a kid they were so dark brown they looked almost black but they have gotten lighter as I have gotten older. I knew a kid way back when who had true gray eyes. His eyes looked like a stormy sky it was very cool. I always wished I had gray eyes

They sound cool.

I think it sounds cool...<br />
My eyes are kind of like that. Green/blue/gray...<br />
but then sometimes they even look silver...weird.<br />