A Brain Child

I know that I posted yesterday, but last night's dream is just too freaking creepy to not share with the world.

It was a rainy day, which is rare to find in Montana, and I had just woken up. Being one of those people who can't function until having a shower, I got up and immediately felt a pang in my head which pounded and pounded. A hangover from the night before? Possibly--I tend to party on my Saturday nights.

I reached my hand back and felt two lumps on my head which hurt terribly to touch, and assuming that I might've gotten drunker than I though deducted that I probably hit my head on the ground a few times. Stuff happens.

Nothing like a quick shower to make me feel better. I shifted my way into the bathroom and just as I leaned over to turn on the water there was another pang in my head, a terrible pain that brought tears to my eyes. I managed to turn the water on, but the pain in my head hurt too bad.
I raced over and grabbed my cellphone, and said, "Mom. My head hurts. This isn't normal, I need help." Reaching my hand back to find the source of the pain, it landed on the smaller of the two lumps, but something felt different. It felt as though there were a gash in my head where the lump was and there was something coming out. I grabbed at it and started to pull it out of my head and as it entered my line of site, I screamed. It was long, thin, and almost completely white. "Mom! There's something coming out of my head, there's something coming out of my head. I need you. I need you." But the phone disappeared.

There was  a snake coming out of my head. I was screaming and crying but the snake just curled it's way about my forearm as if it were a normal practice for it to come out of person's skull. I was hysteric, crying, sobbing, longing to know why an effin' snake just crawled out of my brain. Yet-- The silver, whisp of a snake coiled about my forearm and fingers, looking up at me with eyes that seemed to be almost adoring.

Before I could really admire the tiny creature's beauty, I felt another pain in my head and this time, expecting another elegant snake, the one my hand grabbed was larger, much larger. I remember feeling the immense weight of the snake leaving my body, as though my body were actually supporting something larger than my own life.

This snake was not only larger, but inky black and mean looking. Coiling itself around my arms until my fingers lost circulation and I nearly passed out from the pain. My vision clouded and my mouth dry from crying I somehow managed to put the smaller snake on a towel next to me in order to fight the larger snake off. I grabbed it, pryed it from my arm and fingers, and threw it into the shower. But I heard a voice in my head, saying to me, " You'll kill my child. You'll kill my child."

I took the smaller snake into the other room and placed it on my bed, It crawled up to me, seemed to cuddle into my warmth. I cooed at it, as though I were its mother and it trusted in me as though i were its mother,.

I heard a commotion in the kitchen, and the larger snake had escaped from the bathroom, and somehow gotten outside, but no matter how far away it had gotten, I heard it's voice in my head, "You'll kill my child, you'll kill my child."

Sighing, I walked back into my room. My dog was sitting on my bed, panting loud, its tail beating down against the bed. I caught a glimpse of something white behind it. I yelled at my dog to get off my bed and ran to the remains of the snake which my dog had killed. And I cried for the snake. To never again hold it, or touch it, or admire it's beautiful eyes ever again.

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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Neat dream...that's got to have some symbolism in it.

Wow, your story gave me goosebumps! Fascinating dream and probably worth contemplating the deeper meaning of it.