In The Purple Hall

I have been going through a rough spot lately. I have had my doubts about spiritual matters. I am 30 and  I just had my first panic attack last week and it scared me like nothing else. Then one night I went to sleep.
I found myself in an enormous purple hall. Purple marble walls veined with cream stretched to an unknown end and purple marble columns supported a purple marble celing. I was alone. It was dark. I could hear hushed voices discussing something out there amidst the darkness, but I could not make out what they were saying.
Without warning a writhing, twirling, beautiful column of yellow light leapt from the floor and sped towards the ceiling. It arched high over my head and then let fall warm comforting drops of yellow light that hit like raindrops. I was dumbstruck.
This yellow column was then followed by a columns of red, purple and green. Each one washed me in its light and made me feel warm and comfortable. A single voice then dominated the space. It spoke without intimidation, malice, or judgement. It said one simple thing, " You are forgiven." I immediately awoke to find my mental anguish had lifted and I was on the verge of laughter.
It has been quite some time since I have felt this light and unburdened by everything that is occurring in my life. I am finding it easier to choose the path I need to take and that my older hangups are becomming easier to shake. I am not certain who or what forgave me of whatever I may have done, but I feel grateful for that forgiveness.

Wanderartist Wanderartist
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

this is just my unprofessional opinion. i think maybe you have finally forgiven yourself. don't pretend to know what for but sounds like you may be on your way to fully accepting you as you!!!! i slowly started to do this around 30! still working on it too! good luck!


That is an incredible dream! and I like the way you wrote it as well, I could almost picture it. I'm glad you are now feeling comforted, it's such a great feeling when all that weight is lifted off of you