Constantly Changing

I dreamed I was heading somewhere, Im not sure if I was running away from something or running to it - but it did feel like I was in a big hurry. At the time I was going through this forest on a buggy of sorts. I reach the begining of a downward mountain, so I get off the buggy and start to go down the mountain. Then I fall and roll off of a cliff and land into a net that is underneath the cliff.  I start to head to my left but I see a mountain lion that is caught in the net as well. Im afraid so I go the other way and see another lion caught in the net as well, this one is bigger though - an adult lion the other one is more a teenager lion so I decide to take my chances with the younger one. I try to crawl past the lion but it keeps lunging at me, make the net move so I end up getting closer to it. I can't remember if I cut the net or if it just breaks underneath the weight but suddenly we are falling towards the side of the mountain and I hold on to the net for dear life, and as we are about to collide with the side of the mountain - Im suddenly in front of a warehouse.

Im standing there wondering how did I get here, I was about to crash into the mountain - and Im also wondering what happened to the lions. Then I see a teenaged boy next to me, he is telling me the wharehouse is abandoned and he lives here. He shows me where I chipped into the stone wall to get the door open. I looke at this whole in the stone wall and it is a perfect square, he is still talking but I don't listen to him - Im looking at the square whole and it is changing colors - like a crystal does when the sunlight  hits it. Then something happens, Im scared and he is scared as well and tells me we have to get inside or they'll come and get us. I don't argue with him and we go inside, but the room isn't big as a whare house the room is like the inside of a shipping container. I see his bed and blankets and magizines and I feel sorry for this boy because he lives here alone. Then the room changes around me and I am in an apartment - a pretty nice apartment actually and I am in the kitchen. This is my apartment (not in real life) and I see these man size holes in the dry wall - my ex is there and he is the one who is putting the holes in the wall. I get really angry and yell at him why is he doing this, and he calmly tells me he is looking for something... a fautly wire or something of that nature. I steaming mad now and I ask him why didn't he contact the landlord or an electrician, I ask him doesn't he know I will be held responsible for this - and he just tells me not to worry that he'll fix it. And I am really anger, to the point where Im about the "clock" him and then I wake up - MAD!
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26-30, F
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This is also a great dream, this site is so cool.