Kidnapped And Set Free

I had a dream a week ago that my friends and I were kidnapped by a man that runs some sort of prostitution ring (he was a chubby bald white dude and I believe his image was triggered from an episode on Tyra Banks' show about Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies but only his silhouette was seen). I recall seeing us in a room with two bunk beds talking to a couple other girls I've never seen before. We were all dressed up in typical school girl outfits (our dress shirts were white and our kilts were red). I was contemplating an escape but then realize that the window in our dorm is too small to fit through.

This is the part that doesn't really make much sense...
My friends suggest that I tell the boss/pimp a made-up story about how my parents want me to return home for spring/summer months. So I tell him this and he falls for it which makes zero sense because why would he allow any of us to go back to our parents?! Anyway, when I begin to walk out the door another girl (who I used to go to high school with) escapes with me and we dash through the street. Two of the boss's goons (a woman and a man) try to run after us but fail. I believe they were trying to capture the girl with me because she didn't have permission to leave. The dream ends with them trying to figure out her identity.

I find this dream really odd for the sole reason of the boss letting me go without a fuss or questioning the validity of my request (how exactly would I have been able to have contact with my parents? lol). I doubt that would happen in real life.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

If it was a dream then it wasn't real life, lucky for you.