One Night I Had A Very Strange Dream...

So I dreamt that these two people go to their local pet store and find a great deal on fish. The only catch is, the fish were sickly. So they bought one anyway, and on closer inspection, they discovered that it wasn' t a fish at all, but an aborted pig embryo! But the embryo was alive, and continued to grow and grow until it finally outgrew their tank. The pig popped out, and they discovered to their horror that the pig was part human! It was dressed as an old grandmother, with thick glasses, a stringy gray wig, and a long dress with flowers printed on it. The pig got up on it's hind legs and walked right out of the house the two people had brought it to. It then proceeded to the grocery store, like any human grandmother would, to shop, hoping no one would notice it was a pig in disquise. Well, a man working for the store, possibly a manager, or maybe bag boy, I'm not sure, confronted her/it. Thepig paniced and tore the man's throat out, killing him ,of course.  The couple tracked the pig to the store, but when they got there, the pig had vanished, never to be seen again.
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Ha, fantastic dream, i like it.

...I do NOT want to meet that pig. o__0