Last night I dreamt about time. Kind of. I dreamt about a lot of things, but one part of my dreams in particular affected me.

I took the hand of a young girl and we walked up to a portal. It was pink and slowly waving inside, and I saw the word TIME. I felt a bit scared and gripped her hand tightly and said, "Let's go." We jumped into the soft pink of another dimension.

We were in another world, or maybe it was the same world, but it was in the future. Things weren't natural anymore. There was no atmosphere, it was like living inside a computer, everyone was lifeless. The ground was liquid waves of colour and the sky was the blackness of space, with no stars. I had an orange fish in my hands. It had been recovering at some sort of RSPCA place.

I must say, I'm sick of dreaming of fish. I dream of fish a few times a week. Apparently they represent the unconscious, the deeper layers. I wish I understood.

I placed the fish in the clear, soft, glowing, shallow, pale blue water. There were other fish in the water, moving slowly, eyes half closed, covered in barnacles. They looked sick, half-dead. They weren't aware of the world around them, and really, there was nothing much to be aware of. It was a shadow world.

I saw through my fish's eyes. Our eyes opened wide. When we were under the water, the space expanded, and instead of the foot or so of water with half-dead orange fish, I saw the old world I had known, but better. My fish had left the dead world, and recuperated, and now it could see what the other fish could not - all around them there was another world, a beautiful, natural world of vivid colour, lushness and life. To my fish this world was half transparent, he could see the dead world in a layer beneath it, but the dead world and sick fish were half transparent too.

We came out of the water and saw what we saw before, the empty world. But we went back under the water and saw the old world again. I was filled with a heart-piercing mix of sadness and joy, that feeling you get when you hear a beautiful, sad story of someone sacrificing themself for their family, and doing so filled with love and willingness, and your throat tightens. He tried to tell the other fish but they didn't believe him. That felt quite heartbreaking. It was so simple - this other world, it was right there, all you had to do was look at things a little differently. It was all around us. Why couldn't they see it? Why didn't they even try? It was like they didn't want anything better.

Afterwards as I walked through my dreams, everywhere I saw the half transparent layer of the old, bright world resting on top of the new, cold world. I always had a small soft toy sitting near me, a brown bear, who was a remnant of the old world and whose bright eyes saw a different place to what the rest of us saw.
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I don't know if it's far from reality, but it's a different kind of reality to what most people see. I think maybe it was a dream about the inner world. <br />
<br />
At the moment I'm going through a lot of self-discovery and thinking deeply about things like spirituality, reality, life, meaning, and I think this dream reflects an awareness I've gained that a lot of people around me don't yet seem to have awoken to. Possibly it's telling me that some people will never see anything more, will never learn, and there's no point getting upset about it or compromising my own mental health for their sake. We can lead them to water, but it's up to them to drink.

awesome, it's good to know that i'm not the only one that has dreams far from reality like this one.

wow...that dream is really deep...i wish i knew what it meant.