Today in the afternoon I had a dream in which I saw I am falling down a huge cliff with a parachute and there r others also coming down in the same manner, but near the end something happened and my fall was abrupt, I froze. Then I found myself in a hotel room with few people and everyone was saying Kashmir was wonderful and I could not seem to remember anything. Then they started explaining the trip and everything but I was drawing a complete blank. It was so real I thought I was seriously losing parts of my memory, then I saw a kid with a huge dog, the kid said “this is St. Bernard” and then I woke up while looking at the words “EXTEND” as if written on an old newspaper.

I have seen the dog I saw in d dream but I never knew its name, I have never heard the words St. Bernard before, applying to a dog, after I woke up I Googled “St Bernard”, the result came that it is a breed of dog, same breed of dog which I saw in my dream.
Alanwake Alanwake
26-30, M
Jul 23, 2010