Post Apocolyptic

Not sure how I knew it was post apocalypse, only that i knew it was. Found myself in a building and walked across a large area made up of all sidewalk to another building and entered a theatre type auditorium. Everyone was sitting and judging some type of singing or acting competition and really liked the first of only 2 acts. The contestants were asked to do the acts over again to verify the results and they did so but it was utterly horrible and like they weren't trying, as to which no applause at all came from the audience. I got up and walked to the back of the room and everyone was talking silently. There were posters around as to which referenced in this new world that you were not supposed to ever raise your voice, I balked at this notion and immediately raised my voice to which brought concerns from all the nearby people except for a woman who seemed immediately drawn to me because of this action. We exited the building together and I noticed that almost all the vehicles in this new place were inspired by a corvette design, some were actually from the 1970's and some were very futuristic looking and I was very impressed by them. Myself and this woman decided to leave this place, but as we somehow knew we weren't supposed to, it seemed we had been told before that nothing existed outside this place that it was only ruins. We went anyway. She had a vehicle and we took it, she was the driver and we immediately took the road leading out of this place. The road seemed as if it was a 4 lane previously and it had all but overgrown with grass. We kept driving and the road had lots of hills as to which we started to go faster and eventually soar into the air and fly from one to the next only touching the ground for a short time then taking back off into the air again. Eventually we came upon a town and it looked very run down. I can't recall why we knew we needed to leave, I either cannot remember or we just knew it wasn't safe. At the other end of town where the road kept going there was a bridge, but only the iron structure was left, and it was as if the earth had been stricken with some type of radioactive waste in most of the areas beneath this bridge. There were some normal areas, and they had people sitting on them armed with rifles apparently to keep anyone from leaving this place. We started to cross anyhow and were met with resistance as to which I felt a sense of danger and it was almost like I left myself and could see everything from above and then I proceeded to swat those attacking us down like plastic army men. Once we got to the other side some others joined us on our journey. A short time later we came down a hill and there were a couple of houses and 3 to 4 metal buildings of which had these large blue containers inside them. Most of these containers were quite damaged and looked like they had been ripped open. Peering to another area there was a creature resembling a T rex, but with short hair, white in color with a couple large black spots, not unlike a dairy cow, it was eating grass. At first I felt it would come after us but it continued to graze upon the grass and completely ignored us, my fear then subsided and I looked the other direction to see a large body of water with a mountainous land mass not but half a mile from where we were, I remember thinking it was a beautiful place as there were trees all around of varying colors, before there was only grass and at times nothing but dirt. We knew we had to get to this island as it seemed to be a place of serenity where others like us had gone to rebuild and prosper. In the lake was a creature resembling the lochness monster, it was pulling a very large ship behind it as if to ferry us from our current place to the island. We decided to wait a moment and started to look through the large blue containers for anything useful, at first everything seemed to be destroyed or primarily junk. Upon looking through more I found what seemed to be a shipment of all varying computer parts that could be put together to assemble a working computer, it seemed amazing that we came across such things and everyone was overjoyed. As we kept looking we found more items that seemed would be of use to us. Then I woke up.    I seemed to have posted this in the wrong place, I reposted it here.


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I'm sure there is much I have forgotten too. Now just to work on being lucid.