The Phoenix

In her human form she was striking. She had eyes like green kaleidoscopes. They were deep yet the they sparkled brilliantly. Her hair was a fire red. It was long and luxurious and it fell down her pale shoulders in ringlets, streams, and rivers of fiery red. Her nose was thin, but quite becoming. Her lips were like a scarlet ribbon. Her body was the perfect combination of litheness and feminine form.
When she was in her phoenix form her plumage was magnificent. Her tail was long, speckled and wild. Her eyes still danced with the same green brilliance. Even in this form her love for me was evident.
The strange part was that we shared a love that was so deep and all consuming that nothing else mattered. She loved me in a way that eventually angered the old gods themselves. It seemed that no mere mortal and such an elevated creature could be allowed to share this bond. The gods struck her down. She was turned into a pile of ash before my eyes. I gathered her ashes and took them to a secret place.
In that secret place I placed her ashes on a gold platter upon the altar and brushed away enough to see the egg that was hidden within them. I smiled as I sat down and began to wait.
Wanderartist Wanderartist
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

it made me fantasize. very nice story. i like the ending

Wanderartist, your stories are so beautiful and compelling. I love reading them.