Day Dream

i sometime sleep when and where i shouldn't. morning bus ride to work, at work, lunch, etc... but only naps.

anyway lately ive been having this dream during the day where im waking up and its the distant future. in this dream im waking up from the sleep that i am currently experiencing. SCARY!!

in the dream i get up from my nap and start doing whatever im supposed to be doing but then i look up and the sky is always a different color.

the buildings are so tall that they reach the ends of the universe. people are walking on air, however they are either naked or dressed in clothes from the 1800's. they are either in their birthday suits or giant hoop dresses.

these dreams are starting to scare me. if i have them again ill start labeling them as daymares instead of day dreams.
cMiranda cMiranda
22-25, F
Jul 28, 2010