Mr. Chaos

I just woke up a little over an hour ago from a very weird dream. 

I lived in a older looking town with huge Victorian houses but they were joined together with little doors for every ones house. I lived with my parents (they were not my real ones) nor was I myself. I was beautiful though. I didn't notice this until I woke up, however. So my "mother" wasn't the most pleasant of all people. She was always hiding something from me. I couldn't do much in the area since I was restricted so much. There was one home in particular on my block that was always locked up and dusty looking. It was huge, the biggest one of the entire town. Yet nobody lived in it, nor were they allowed to explore it. One day, something really scary would happen to the town. Random people would die, the air would sometimes go poison for a few minutes. A lot of chaos, I'd call it. I was scared. There were random appearances and scary pop ups of the most random stuff ever. Yet at the same time, the one who was behind it was a man who I believe his name was Kevin...or Klein. Something with a K. He was so tall. He had to be 6'5. He had dark brown messy hair and bold blue eyes. He had magical powers and I always thought of him as "Mr. Chaos". He had a weird sense of humor. He basically got a kick out of what he did. Sometimes they were funny. 

But even though he was kind of crazy, he was there to help me. Since for some reason, the boarded up home had some kind of relation to me. I didn't know at the time. He would try to get me to come outside and cause all kinds of mis hap and just crazy yet funny situations. We spend a lot of time together. He was "bad" with magical powers, good looking and just fearless. While I was sheltered and was hidden from everything. I ended up liking him but never told him. So after all of the chaos sprees, he had to leave because the authorities were starting to investigate. I was upset on the inside but didn't let it show. He was going to get into his car so before he did I gave him the longest hug ever, trying to hold his neck but I was so short, lol. So after a good half minute or longer, I let go and just stared walking. I didn't look at him or say goodbye. As I was walking there was a coca cola ad on the ground. I picked it up and next to the bottle it said "So that's it?" I was so baffled I put it down and kept on walking. There was another ad along the way that had the name "Kevin or Klein" in it, I forget his name. I then said out loud while kind of laughing "Messing with my mind, are you?" I was happy he didn't leave just yet. The next ad along the way said "Go to the boarded up house and go inside". Without thinking I walked there and opened the old dusty latch with a pencil I had in my pocket. I walked up the stairs to where the dining room was and there was a tall figure with the scariest mask on his face ever! I screamed and said "YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE WHEN YOU DO THAT!" Then I started laughing a little. He teleported himself onto the couch and I sat on the other end. He told me how I am actually of royal blood and this was supposed to be my home. Yet somehow I ended up with my "parents" who weren't my real ones and they were hiding me from my destiny. So things were not going as planned so the chaos guy was sent to help me out. I was relieved after the explanation, and not surprised at all. I then just leaned myself over to the rest of the couch and laid down. I then said "Now I know" After a good half minute, something kissed my cheek. I didn't move. The guy then lifted me up and stared at me. 

"Your eyes are beautiful" he said. as he was just staring at them. I was shocked. I thought he was just all fun. So I then said "thanks but yours are blue. they're better" He then said "no there's a difference, mine are the manly blue you normally see with men with blue eyes......but yours are big and brown and deep, they're gorgeous". I smiled and didn't know what to say. I just laid back down on top of him and he stroked my hair as we talked about random things.

That's all I remember! :)
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None taken, that's why i posted it. it was really fresh in my memory. This is just normal compared to my other ones.

That IS kinda offense tho.