Help Interpret - I Dreamt Of Ants And Dirt In My Blood

Last night I had a dream that I have had once before when I was a kid living at home, in the dream  there were tiny funnels going into my blood, I don't know how else to desribe them... and they needed to be cleaned out, so I started taking them out of my arm to clean them and most just had some dirt in them and then one was completly full and it had large amounts of dirt and sticks and as I kept taking things out it was also full of ants! I started screaming and weirdly enough I started screaming for my older brother to help me and when I saw he wasn't there I screamed for someone else, someone I barely knew but he didn't help me. I woke up shaking, do I even want to know what this dream means? What do you think it means?
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2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Perhaps you've been procrastinating on changes within yourself or in life in general. Knowing about what we should be doing and then sitting around never actually taking care of the "issues", subcounciously builds up a sense of anxiety or you become worried. Personally that is how your dream came off to me. Naturally a person in need of help when they feel overwhelmed goes to someone familiar,trusted, and close thats probably why you dreamt about your brother. Now why you dreamt about ants who knows? Also, seeing how you dreamt this before this just could be a sort of dream you've unknowingly created to help you know when you are feeling overwhelmed by something. Or maybe you really like ants : ). Hope this helps

wtf? lol crazy but ive had similar dreams. for instance i remember once i dreamed about me being in middle school with my cousin (even though she's older) and for some reason i had gashes on my body and my bones where visible only they were made out of lead or something and they were loose enough to pull out some. i would ask other kids if it was normal but they would brush me off. weird i know. im no expert but i would say both our dreams have something to do with us being unsure or insecure with personal things, we look for help but others dont seem to care or they think we will get over it somehow. just my 2 cents