Some people my age and I were wandering through the suburbs. We came to a park that was swarming with activity. Coming closer, we saw that a fort had been erected and people were role playing something like Star Wars. One or two of the others decided they wanted to join in, and a girl and I continued through the park and onto another street. Darkness was falling and I began to feel a little afraid. We didn’t know where we were or where we were going, just that we had to keep going. The street was lined with huge old oak trees, and we walked down the path in the gloomy, deep blue darkness, surrounded by trees on both sides. The path was dirty, covered in fallen leaves and here and there a snaking tree root.

We reached a block of toilets and decided to use them. The paint was dirty white and the concrete floor was also dirty. I looked into a grubby, cracked mirror on the wall and saw myself looking back, and the girl hanging back behind me. I looked into my bright green eyes, and they looked mostly normal, but then for a second they flickered and changed. They changed subtly, becoming slightly smaller, the iris filling the space where the white was, so quickly I hardly noticed. I kept staring till it happened again, this time for a few seconds longer. The girl behind me looked frightened. I told her it was happening, the change was happening.

We left the toilet block and continued down the street. It seemed to be a dead end. There were people’s fences and gates and hedges all around, and the only way to the street on the other side was to go through their gardens. We went through an archway into someone’s garden and were heading across the lawn to a gate in the high fence on the other side, when a woman yelled at us. She’d come out of the house and asked what we were doing, told us we weren’t allowed on her property. She told us to go inside, and on our way back the way we had come, we met up with some of the people we’d been separated from earlier, and the woman’s son, who seemed to know us. We all went inside. It didn’t feel like we were going to get into trouble, but we weren’t sure what to do. We didn’t really know where we were going or how to get there. We milled around inside in the dark, murmuring to each other.

I looked out the window into the dark sky and saw the moon for an instant before it was covered by cloud. It looked full. I knew I had to be outside, but I didn’t want anyone to follow me. I left the house and crossed the lawn and got through a fence to a side street that connected to the main road we had been heading for in the first place. I didn’t want to be seen, so I crouched between some cars that were parked along the road, trying not to be caught in the headlights of passing cars. Some people had noticed I was gone and came outside to look for me, telling me to go back inside. I told them to leave me alone, I’d be back soon. They faded back into to house.

A cloud uncovered the moon and I stared up at it from my position, crouching between cars on the road. Nothing happened. I kept staring at it, occasionally looking away to shake my head to try to clear my thoughts. I looked up at it again and let it fill my vision, let it fill me. Suddenly it began to grow bigger, I could more clearly see the craters. It grew bigger and bigger and I was moving towards it, rushing towards it, till we merged, my eyes closed, my head swirled and there was darkness.

I opened my eyes and knew something was different. Looking down at myself, I was part of the shadow I hid in. I was black, covered in fur, and had four legs. The others were in the distance, confused, afraid, excited. I leapt and ran.

Night was turning into day. I ran the streets, looking for something, my own kind, someone to love and pat me, but everyone shrank back in fear. The sun was high and I came upon a patch of grass and trees with black dogs of all types dotted all over it, napping. I was much larger than them, and I went towards them slowly and quietly, trying to show them I wouldn’t hurt them, not wanting them to run away. They didn’t seem bothered, and I lay down in a patch of shade. The others found me, realised I wouldn’t harm them, and some of them came near me, sitting with me, touching me, delighting in my fur.
ericofsweden ericofsweden
22-25, F
Aug 6, 2010