Forced Hand

I had a dream last night about an evil boy.

I was leaning against my truck outside the sliding glass door of his apartment with a family member. He was inside with some girl. He was dressed in a thick white suit. Solid white. His hair dark and styled with ungodly amounts of gel. His face a naturally tan complexion, very oily skin with a very unfortunate case of acne.

I raised my pistol and tracked him through the glass door. I was not planning on doing anything other than setting up the scenario so I could forget about it: Let him know I'm serious, then forgive and move on.

He saw me. He promptly drew his gun and started acting out one of those Miami Vice scenes where they walk around, pointing the gun frantically from side to side, up and down.

I had a family member with me. I had to shoot to remove any possibility of them being harmed. I told him I was sorry it had come to this as he died, standing in front of me.
fascad3 fascad3
36-40, M
Aug 6, 2010