I'll start off by saying I dont have many dreams and when I had this one it really scared me. I walked out of my house and straight into a wedding. I didnt know who's it was and when I looked down I was wearing a white dress. People were staring and smiling big goofy grins. There were five guys standing where the groom usually stands they were all brothers, the oldest one was 21, the second was 18, the third was 17, and the two youngest ones were 12 and 9. So who was i to marry? yeah guess what, they didnt know either and they threw a grungy looking sock and whoever caught the sock got me. Well the little 12 year old caught the sock and I ended up marrying him. After the wedding the 17 year old came up to me and was like "Were a family, Were a family, Were a family, and you cant really have sex with a 12 year old so why not with me". But the thing is that I dont think I liked him at all. On our wedding night this little 12 year old was so excited he almost burst and I was so sick to my stomach that I almost vomited. When he started to get naked I woke up. ewwww what if I didnt wake up how disgusting.
kianaadir kianaadir
22-25, F
Aug 12, 2010