Strange One

just woke a few minutes ago from a late afternoon nap.
the dream was complex which my are always. I remember so much & there are lots of details.

I was by one of our local hospitals in the parking lot. There were my daughter and a chubby little girl with girl. We stayed in a trailer like a construction site one. A woman and 2 young guys came in without knocking and said to me as i came out of the bathroom from checking on my daughter in the shower. "you'll have something to be afraid about"....i said "get out, I grabbed the phone and dailed 911 i identified myself and mentioned who my father was and they sent my cousin out and his son and another cop who was recently killed over seas in the military. I put on this fake crying front and said i was afraid for my life. She apologized and they all walked away.

I was still outside and everyone had left and the dust settled and i got the strange sensation of something bad. I looked down the road and could see a guy walking on the sidewalk but i could also see a light coming from an visible aura, but i sensed it was bad and was looking to stole the light from someone close to me. He kept coming and somehow he managed to stay away and not pass by me. I was getting angry and then i noticed a construction crane so i jumped on it. i was trying to wrap my legs around the big chains and keep from falling as it spun around i noticed the driver, someone i knew, but not sure of who, he set me down and we were gonna leave in his truck but my pantyhose got caught on the chain and i told him i needed to go home to change and then i woke up.

tell ya they are complex and weird
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Thanks so much ...

I am happy that you feel better now!<br />
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Those deja-vu moments you have, should not creep you, everybody has those moments. google the subject and you will find many logical scientific explanation about them. Cheer up Lady!<br />
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If you need any conversation help, I am here for you.... Be happy and enjoy with your kids... God Bless you all.

Wow Thanks daughter will be 20 tomorrow. My youngest son (17) works for a demolition contractor. (who i just spent and hour listening to him about work before i fell alseep) <br />
Worried about something? who isnt worried about something or another, right? <br />
man, is that bad? that my dreams are all about me? they nomrally are. in my dream my daughter was very young and her chubby little friend was younger. <br />
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Sorry about the bad english, but i try and get the dreams out of my head as soon as possible, while they are fresh...sometimes if i dont they come back during the day.<br />
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yesterday while at work i had one of those "been here before" moments. it was wierd and my co-worker was creeped out. lol<br />
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Thank you for helping you helped shake some things lose and gave me a start...i believe our dreams are hidden messages to us, just gotta put the pieces together

I think that you are worried for something... Maybe you have friend that you meet new and you have doubt about it... How old is your daughter? Do you know any Engineer or somebody dealing in construction business? Those late afternoon dreams can be really confused between reality, worries and the film you watched... There is so many reasons to have complex dream... Its all from your brain. nothing in this world happens without a reason... and our subconscious causing lot of it... <br />
One thing for sure is clear from your dream, its very important to you how do you look. In the beginning of your dream you are worried for your daughter, then that part is cutting off and its all about you...