Sexual Dreams But I Am Married!

Hi. For years I have been having sexual dreams about other men, ones I dont even know., Well not ALL the dreams are sexual , sometimes they are about me and a man and we are falling in love or there is that love feeling. But the horrible thing about all this is that I am REALLY married in real life. So why do I keep having dreams about other men? Yes, me and my husbband argue alot and I sometimes doubt his love for me BUT i NEVER have the desire to cheat on him!!!! So why do I in my dreams. OH BTW in my dreams I dont even know him.
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2 Responses Sep 5, 2010

it seems that i am not the only one who dreams like that and yes married too... sometimes i wake up and wish to go back into my dreams. my marriage is good but the sex is not there, i miss being totally in love with my husband. i wonder what will happen ,if it means falling in love in real life soon. i am not sure but it sure sucks to dream about other guys all the time. yes i need some input please .

my wife has a lot of very vivd sexual dreams that she tells me about...two recent ones involving her boss and one the other night with an older movie star. i love hearing about them and feel like we are still very much in love. the funny thing is, she sometimes talks about her fear that I will get sick of/bored with her and leave her! odd, since i'm not having the sexual dreams.
i think she's still in love with me but, wants to have the kind of sex she reads about in her romance novels...hard to have that kind of sex with the person you've been living with for 20 years, perhaps.

Oh, wow. That's weird.