Oppressed, Caught, Almost Kissed, Sliced, Diced, And Escaped

Wierdest dream I have ever had, just recently:

I was a fat black woman, whereas in waking life I am an average built white man. I was a slave of sorts, although not in the Old South. I was kept against my will in a large house that had a long porch on the front that was cluttered with furniture. My oppressor was a tall thin man with a grey bumpy skin similar to the cartoon character Shrek, and with knobby ears that sort of stuck out from his head, but not as much as Shrek's, and looked more like little clumps of cauliflower. His head was tall and narrow, and his eyes were small and close together. When he got angry his skin would be so dark grey as to be almost charcoal. He wore a suit of material like nylon, like on early Star Trek episodes, but all light grey. He had an accomplice whose appearance I don't remember beyond that he was shorter, somewhat fat, and had lots of curly reddish hair, thin on top. I was trying to escape through a small window at one end of the porch, and the grey master caught me by the ankles and dragged me back in. Then I was myself again, a white man, average built. I was to be punished for my treason. I was held by invisble cords, as if I was strapped to a large board, although there was no board. I recognized that I was trapped in a virtual reality simulation, and they would control it to punish me. A woman, white, middle-aged, not unattractive, but one for whom I felt no attraction, and who I did not recognize as anyone I know, was swung around as if on another board, from beside me, so that she came face to face with me. Her face was neutral, impassive, and she might have been a mannequin, except that she was living and conscious. As she came face to face with me, I felt compelled to kiss her on the lips, not as if I wanted to, but as if I was forced to by the manipulations of my oppressors. However, just as our lips met the woman disappeared and I was sliced through by invisble blades swinging through me from each side and top and bottom, so that I was dissected completely in less than a second, in neat squares. It did not hurt, however, only frightened me, and as soon as I registered the fact that I was still whole, the woman swung toward me again. This cycle repeated 4 or 5 times, and then I recognized that this was all my own perception, and that I had some level of control over my perception. I told myself that I did not have to accept the way things were going, and as the woman came around toward me again I shoved her away with all my might. She disappeared, and my legs were instantly free. I grabbed the short red-haired accomplice by the feet and swung him around like a staff so that his head smashed into the chest of the grey master, knocking him sprawling. I broke the short man over my knee, as if he was a small stick, and so rendered him no further threat to myself. I ran for the end of the porch, where the small window had become a french door, or possibly a bay window. If I could get through it, I would be free of the influence of the grey master, but if he laid hands on me again, it would be far worse than before. I reached the window, but knew I could not get through it before he grabbed me. There was a small wodd stove nearby, the top of which was a loose cast iron plate, about 24 inches long by about 16 inches wide. I grabbed this and swung it around sideways so that one corner contacted the side of the grey man's head, crushing his skull, and as I turned to rush through the window, my dream ended and I woke up.
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I've had similar dreams, with the repetative cycles of "torture". also, Where you suddenly gain control. I wish I knew what they meant. I kind of wish I had the dreams more often. Do you?

Like a movie. Wow.

Well... sounded more like a nightmare until you gained control over it. My nightmare usually consist of that I have cut my hair and or sometimes beard. That is a religious nightmare for me.

Wow!!! Your dream was too weird. I dont even know what to say. Im speechless. Lol<br />
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There's a large male master and a middle aged woman master, so this could be a dream about your parents. The 'short' person could be you as a child or a sibling or friend you had. The black woman is a stereotype of authentic maternal support, since it is often maintained that white parents were distant while African nannies supplied the real maternal warmth for a lot of children. You identify with this position in the beginning, with the position of a maternal woman who loves children outside the normal constraints of 'acceptable' society ( that being the dynamics of your family.)<br />
<br />
The virtual reality situation is your unconscious awareness of the virtual 'simulation' that is the family dynamic. A child knows that the emotional climate of their family is a sort of 'fiction' but you still feel powerless to escape it, and you are subject to all sorts of strange tortures that seem drastic but are strangely painless. In this dream the emotional dynamic between you and the mother figure is controlled by the sadistic father figure, so that both of you are forced to come together and are then separated by what seem to be hugely powerful, invisible forces that cut you to pieces. You state in the dream however, that you can resist the oppressive power of this scenario, using the small figure (yourself as a child or a sibling) as a weapon against the father figure. This is a classic Freudian interpretation. You have very rich dreams!

I should also mention that the male master has 'grey knobby skin, like Shrek'. Did your father ever behave like an Ogre? Most fathers do.

The beginning of this stank to me of oppressive privileged white man awareness. Being black and a woman gave your dream self an insight into two oppressed archetypes in waking life.<br />
I can't make much more sense than that of it all. Except that you do seem to have heightened awareness to be able to tell yourself that you could change what was happening - verging on lucid dreaming, it seems. Well done for handling the rest of the dream the way you did. It's impressive. I salute you !

Sounds like there's some obsticle in your life highly on your mind. But you seem to be gaining controll over it, or percieving yourself as gaining control by what you did to the " Masters" before you woke up.