Weird Fairy Portal Dream...

last night i had a dream that was a little out there...

i was in a car driving down the high way then all of a sudden i was in a store looking at silly bands, they said they where disney fairy sillybands, they where larger and shaped like keys and they where sparkaly...i picked through some of them and ended up with a white sparkle key then a fairy girl poped up after i picked it up. she was small framed and wore a purple pixi dress and her hair was short and choppy.she asked me to go with her so of course i did. we got into her car which was the sillyband key, it exspanded into a large flying car, almost like a ski lift. we flew out of the store an back twards the high way. we passed alot of fairy ativity i think it was their world...some where making stuff and then we passed trees, then we saw a big purple egg and it was spitting out sparkleing purple stuff..that was their magic the fairy said.

as we floated down the high way we passed cars and they saw us and looked like they would, confused, and shocked, then she showed me a wind tunnel in the sky, it didnt look like a tornato but like almost a big cloud tube in the sky. we went through one and ended up still in a world like ours but just in a diffrent place, we passed a school bus and all the kids were going crazy to see us. me and her started talking as we were preparing to go into the second wind portal, when we started talking about her parents, she was sad about her dad, i dont know why. she i dont think had a mom or at least she didnt have problems with them,

when she was sad we couldnt fly so we had to sit down at a little table under a tree around this time actually, right before the morning sunrise, we then talked about what made her sad and her boyfriend, some guy from california with blond hair, he looked kinda weird actually. then all of a sudden my dream turned and i was in a ally way with abunch of gobblens who didnt like the fairys- go figure, they where asking me about the boy and where they could find hem. i didnt want to get in the middle of a big weird dream war so i just gave them the card with his info on it and they let me leave, or so i thought. we ended up in a small house , me and the fairy girl and some other people.

the goblens where chassing us. i dont know what they would have done to us but we where scared. i grabed pixi and some other girl and we first locked ourselves in the bathroom, hopping to jump out the window, but each time i opened the window pain, the space to get through got smaller, i opened about 5 of these stuppid window pains...we then took eachothers hand and ran to the next room where we locked outselves in. i found out the more i played piano the angryer the gobblens got and stronger too! it was bad. we got the window open enough to jump out, i took the pixi girl with me and left the other girl. we landed outside the back of the blue house and looked up to find  a boy on a latter going crazy. he was shaking the latter. we tried to hide there in the tall grass, but pixi said we should leave so we ran around the corner.

 someone was comming for us so we hid under the shed, beside the house where nobody could see us. i knew that i had to keep the pixi girl safe. she was my only way home. i was lost in that world but she wasnt. somehow i mannaged to wake up.
it was 5:46 and my boyfriend was late 2 hours waking up because i didnt turn my alarm on...

kaitlinchance1992 kaitlinchance1992
18-21, F
Apr 13, 2011