Incubus Dreams??

I have this dream pretty much every night. It is of this entity type thing that tries to have sex with me. It tries to pin me to the bed face down. I try to fight it off, but when I fight it off it gets more forceful. Sometimes clawing at my body. It has also tried to deceive me by pretending it is a good looking man. I feel that this thing is very malevolent. The only thing that seems to work to get rid of this thing is by rebuking it in the name of Jesus.

These dreams are very real and when I have them I am also in a half awake state. I am very aware of what is going on. When I wake up fully I feel exhausted and feel as if something has clawed at my body.

Has anyone else ever had an experience like this? I have done some research on this and have come up with an Incubus being the explanation. There is even a website that supports this with people who have shared their experiences and embrace them! I find that very disturbing as this thing doesn't seem very friendly unless it is getting it's own way!
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The demon is trying to posses you. Trust in the lord and you have nothing to fear

I have experienced an incubus for 11 years. I do not get them all the time now as I try to protect myself by meditating before I sleep and envisioning myself being covered by a protective gold light. I read somewhere that you should confront the incubs and say "who are you?" I did this and he disapeared for months but then came back. It always used to be violent but it isnt anymore and I never used to be able to see him clearly he was always blurry but now I can see him and I can talk to him

Sure I would love to share your wisdom!

Right Knowledge & Discipline. If You are Willing to Protect Yourself...I will Convey How. Everything Requires Effort In Its Attainment.

All I know about my Uncle's home is that it is really old and that as far as they knew a little girl may have died there. He doesn't own the home anymore. I was quite young when I used to go there. I used a Ouija Board for the first time when I was about 13 it was at a friends B-Day party. She found this Ouija Board in her house in a closet in the ba<x>sement. We didn't cast any circles to young to know about that stuff then. <br />
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Weird things don't happen to me all the time only seems to happen in a dream state. I don't meditate anymore because the last time I meditated was the first time I had my first episode with Psychosis. I saw some pretty scary stuff. Like a black figure standing by my bath tub. I also heard voices and stuff. So I quit doing that!

Has anyone died in your uncles home or did you ever use the Ouija board while over there without placing a purity salt circle ten feet away from the board and using white candles when you were younger. it could also be a ghost that has attached its self to you if weird thing are happening at you house like things not being where you left them or moving without anyone touching them. If you have any doubts about god, went through something that is testing your faith, that is why it is so hard to get it to leave you alone. to have to tell it more than once to go. they attack you mentally and phyically to destroy your belief in God because they can get to you easier that way. I don't have a religion myself but do believe in God and Jesus. when you meditate do you every see it or feel like something is pulling at you?

This thing doesn't feel very loving. Especially if it doesn't get it's own way. It is very forceful and will fight back. It is very hard to get rid of and doesn't leave easily. Rebuking it works, but only after a few tries. It tries to confuse my mind too. I forget the Lords Prayer and I know that prayer well. I attended a Catholic school, but my beliefs are not Catholic. I believe in God, but have a hard time with Religion. <br />
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I have played with Ouija Boards when I was younger but never in my own home and I wouldn't touch one now. I know what harm they can bring. I have always had weird stuff happen to me. I experienced some pretty scary stuff when I was a child. Used to stay at my uncles place and it was pretty "haunted" for lack of a better word. I think something from that place may have attached itself to me.

Sometimes they attack virgins, or people desperate for sexual contact, taking advantage of their physical weakness. . . . ? virgin. I am married and have a very healthy sexual relatinship

First thing DO NOT EMBRASE IT or try to communicate with it in any way. It is a demonic entiry and can not be reasoned with. Any demonic entiry can harm you. They tend to attack people that have faith but have some doubts about it. They try to break your faith to get anything they want. If it doesn't work then they will wear you out phyically to get it. If the Incubus is attacking you only at your home than it is drawn to negitive energy around the home. Someone that lives in the home, has lived in the home or near it has opened a Veil either by accident or not. This can be done by using a Ougiji board inproperly as stated above. They are not tools to be playing around with. There is other ways but this is the most common way it happens. You must be a true believer or it wouldn't have left you alone. It can come back to try again though if it does You need to Command the Incubus to leave your home and leave you alone by using GODS name and the Son of man JESUS. Have you home blessed wouldn't be a bad idea either.

I am natural draw things like that for some strange reason, I have done in the past read alot of stories about them after my encounter( which would be about more or less ten yrs ago) and to be honest the only thing I can remember from that night was I could not move my body and there was just pressure on my chest. After that I came across alot information on keeping strong with God. They are considered low class demons that just like sex as far as I can really tell. I am not an expert to let you know but I want to add if someone has a strong faith they are more likely to leave you along. Since I kinda have a gift I kinda just made a barrie with dreamcatchers and really wont lie I dont follow Gods path but my own.

I've woken up aware of a being attempting to eat me and/or sexually assault me around 3 or so times.<br />
It's okay. . .just ask God for protection. . .<br />
For some reason it's never gotten to be that big of a deal for me. I dunno why. . .lol I just get up and walk away<br />
It can be pretty scary tho when they pin you down. . .ahh i remember this one time. . .<br />
Anyway, I'm still alive! You're still alive! Yay!

wow it sounds like a demon . I would get a prest to bless your house or preacher to pray over everyroom ,then take table salt and make a circle all around your house and ask gods protection of your home and in your bedroom pray over your door way that nothing evil inters your house . ive had things like that to happen to me when i wa young i was playing with a ougiji board and i stoped doing that and i wont ever do it again

Do you have any information or wisdom to give? Do you know why these things happen? What draws them to you or how to get rid of them for good? Are they Demons? What harm can they do to you other than the obvious?<br />
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Thanks for your replies! Also to anyone else who has any wisdom to give!

Yes it is an incubus attack and I have had that expereince to before I kinda made a" barrier" with dreamcatchers hanging all around the house.