Do You Believe We Exist In Other Universes?

Remember, the Universe is a very unknown thing. I am so sick of human religions attempting to morally define ours and especially that we are here as sinners.
It seems to me, I was abandoned here 60 plus years ago and said to suffer and learn. Now, to what end is learning, human suffering or the trials if we simply go back into the deep six of unconsiousness?
You have to have a purpose? What is that? What if your purpose is something you hate, such as being abused or left behind, ignored.
I recently saw a very sad video on the PBS show Nature and the intelligence of animals. A mother Lemur had a baby too weak to carry and she needed the troop to survive herself. They had ignored her and the baby. If she stayed with the infant she would die herself and so also the baby. Lemurs are social and require the troop for survival. She ultimately made the agnonozing choice of abandoning the baby and going on to the troop.
So too, we as humans require society and the collective intelligence of the many to live. However, what happens when we disagree, with the collective.
Why are we given individual consciousness, yet here require the dirty whole of society to survive. The irony of this is haunting.
Has anyone else thought about this?

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I too have spent a great deal of time and energy trying to make sense of our lives here from a spiritual POV. It's a bit of a rabbit hole, eh?
After years of research from without and within, I've found many possible truths- suggesting perhaps many different origins, purposes while here, and destinations.
I have come to believe that our true spiritual nature is ultimately hidden from us, by us, by design. It defies mankind's best attempts to answer it with any degree of certainty, and maybe that's the way it is supposed to be.
I finally have come to understand that spiritually, it's likely beside the point.
Our brains are organic matter- perhaps only holding a small portion of our spiritual totality.. for whatever reason, each of us faces a unique, ongoing series of experiences and challenges. Our will to survive keeps most of us in the thick of it for as long as our bodies will carry us- but the end of the game is a certainty for all living creatures.
Anyway, it seems to me that we're here to live the life before us. What happens after will take care of itself.

Being that this is a group about dreams and, with that context in mind, thinking about your topic question "Do you believe we exist in other universes?", I would have to say that my dreams point toward a strong yes to that question. I have had strange places, creatures and situations, in my dreams that definately do not exist in this plane of existence. In terms of "needing" other people, I think that depends on the individual. I do not think there is one common purpose for all of existence, it's different for everyone. I have a strong belief that all of us are mult-dimensional beings, and that our experiences are shaped by what we choose to focus on in this particular time and space illusion. You get exactly what you expect to and focus on. So if you feel that life is about loneliness and pain, that's exactly what you are drawing to yourself...the unconscious mind doesn't compute negation in focus. In the end I think it becomes about polishing self worth and recognizing the integrity of your own being. Some people need help with that along the way, but ultimately no one can take the journey for you. I came across an amazing series of books some years ago: the Seth Materials, Seth Speaks, et al. by Jane Roberts. Anyone with the time on thier hands google it. mystic in a non flaky sort of way.

Is that why they say "Only the strong survive?" Not strong like strength wise but of the mind. It leaves something to think about...

No ones perfect so in the end alot gets what is coming.

Yes, there are those who have a different path. The common denominator is pain. If you want others to understand, I find that is a bad trip. How can they understand? The bottom line is to be secure in self, otherwise depression sets in. Its a bad trip.<br />
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Now, as for people generally, I do believe some of us came here from other planets and incarnated because we thought we would learn about humanity. Yes, I have learned and yes I know we could have a garden here while we have a swap with thermo nukes at any time ready just to do genocides.<br />
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Can I say over all I like what I see with materialisms, people ignoring others while selfishly pursuing some stupid materailistic end, NO.<br />
Can I not be depressed and rather remain waiting for my trip back home, if its still there. You get.<br />
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I guess this is why I really enjoy Sci-Fi and the old Outer Limits shows from 1990's and early 2's.

Ive always been abit abandon because people try to change me from who I am happy being, and really honest to God I dont think much about it is anymore to the point I dont expect a happy birthday from family or friends...really dont expect much from help much from any one. God supposively gave us choices sso we choice to do what we want. Maybe the real reason why I enjoy hanging around cemertaries or camping out of the city. It helps me keep my mind off sometimes with I just want to get a way from other thoughts.