I Was A Robot Angel Assassin...

I dreamed that I was a giant silver robot with angel wings and a huge laser gun and I was trying to shoot this guy who was about to throw a bomb down a hole in the ground that leads to heaven. He jumped into the hole before I hit him and I followed him down. We were falling into a vast cavern with the crystalline dome of heaven spread out below us and glowing with a blue light. The guy's bomb went off and a huge crack formed in the dome revealing a swirling fire inside and I realized that the light was from the flames of burning souls. This is as far as I can remember into the dream. It reminded me a little of something out of William Blake. When I was a child I dreamed about the Earth cracking in half and I was trying to climb a latter between the two halves. I could see stars shining through from the other side of the globe.
SpinalRockets SpinalRockets
31-35, M
May 29, 2011