Care For a Dramamine?

last night i dreamed i was on some sort of mission (as i often am, in dreams) when i came across a dog.

it was a st bernard. but not a normal st bernard! it had the ability to dispense dramamine tablets via its tongue.

if you put your hand out flat in front of its mouth, with palm upturned, it would stick out its tongue and there would be a purple round pill on it (which i was told was dramamine).

he could do it over and over, and no one had any idea why or how.

update: for those unfamiliar with dramamine, it's a motion sickness medicine. apparently in real life the pills are white (boring!)


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I understand this dream very well, at least from my own experiences. I meet a dog in my dreams very often, it has become a very strong personal symbol to me. It's always in or near water. I have come to understand that 'the dog' is my very own Cerberus. Keeper of my gate between this world and the next. Sometimes we exchange things, a comment...a glance...the last time we met he was completely white. He jumped up out of the ocean onto the craggy rocks, like a dolphin or seal swimming up to land on the shore-line. At first (like usual) I was a bit scared but then quickly I realise he is my friend. I pat him gently and he smiled at me. The water-being a symbol for our emotions and lots of other things depending on the dreamer.... He looks out for me. Maybe this dog was preparing you for the emotional journey you are on or you are about to go on...?

umm thats a little weird... you might want to go see a doctor... not kidding.

umm thats a little weird... you might want to go see a doctor...

umm thats a little weird... you might want to go see a doctor...

umm thats a little weird... you might want to go see a doctor...

umm thats a little weird... you might want to go see a doctor...

lol! :D thanks for the laugh!

Hello, your dream is a spiritual message using symbols.<br />
<br />
The St.Bernard is a symbol for thoughts you have that protect you from being overwhelmed by something negative because they rescue people from avalanches.<br />
<br />
The purple pills represents thoughts you are taking in of not caring about something. Purple represents neutral or not caring. And the dramamine is a symbol for thoughts you have that prevent you from feeling negative.<br />
<br />
So the dream is telling you about either something you are experiencing or about to experience that might be overwhelming and the dog is telling you about your thoughts of not caring so you can get through it.

This could actually be a spiritual dream. This type dog is a rescued animal. As you said, the Dramamine tablets are to treat motion sickness. I believe the LORD would be saying to you, although life seems to have your motions in a motion sickness effect ... Look to me. I am your healer. weather it's Mental, Physical or Financial, God is your provider. Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.(KJV)

and his intestines. it was his own battles with doggie blergh that inspired his dramamine enable epic mission...

aw, bless his heart :)

Silent and stealthy, the english dramamine dog did silently dispense his gifts in his never ending quest to quench nausea for once and for all!

neither. he just stuck his tongue out. otherwise he was quiet.

Did dramamine dog go 'WoOf' or 'Waaahf'?

it could have been england, i suppose....i don't recall any accents, though....

maybe you were in England! they had an earthquake, dramamine might be required for any repeats?

we were firmly on land in the dream. which is one reason why i was confused....

he would be good on boats :)

and they come in pretty purple!

<br />
a dramamine pez-dog!!! with well demonstrated reliability! <br />
<br />
what a handy travelling companion for those predisposed to motion sickness :D