My Best Friend

My friend died a couple years ago.. he killed himself. He was a schizophrenic, and depressed and such, so it wasn't a big surprise, even if it hurt me like no other. He never said bye to me, though. After being my friend since we were like three, he never even bothered talking to me about it..

And I think he knows it. He shows up in my dreams ALL THE TIME. Almost every night, he pops up and apologizes, then warns me about how I shouldnt leave the town I'm in, because things could get worse in other areas and I'm as safe as I'll ever be in my town. Wtf? and for a while, we kind of messed around.. (sexual experimentation? i dun know) so when he shows up, he kisses me, and i dont get why. its weird..

There was one night when he didn't show up, though. This dream bothers me.. Probably because I've gotten used to the other one.

He's talking to me, like he's still alive.. And then I'm standing by his grave, but he's with me by the grave..And the tombstone is on the edge of a cliff. So we keep talking and suddenly my dad is behind him and pushes him off the side of the cliff..I end up watching him hit every single rock jutting out from the sides..

Then he's back at the top of the cliff with me, but he's all bloody and stuff, from the fall... This time he jumps off, and pulls me with him..

I jerk awake screaming when I hit the bottom.
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Maybe it's a warning

Your friend is trying to tell you someone who'll pretend to be a friend will show up and cause harm (not physical), and your dad in the dream is representing the false friend who is trying to shut up the warning. Thats what I think anyway.

well often ower loved ones will visit us and warn us of things and well he is worried about you so listen to his warnning and know that God is with you dont be scared talk out loud to him and tell him that God forgives him for all his sinse and God loves him unconditionaly and for him to Go To God

sounds like a warning.

I lost a boyfriend who was a schizophrenic 25 years ago and he always popped up in my dreams. It is only recently that I have recognised that I had complex feelings related to him dying e.g. sense of relief because I was a bit embarrassed about him; wanting to hold on to him because of my guilt; anger at him for being so obstinate; wanting to care for him and offer him hope. <br />
It was only recently when I went to the lakeside that I imagined seeing him and talking to him. I could befriend him in his spirit form, tell him that I missed him and it was wonderful to feel his presence near me. I was then able to invite him into my life for a while, sensing his spirit near and able to chat to him. After a while I went back to the lake and I felt guilty for loving someone else. I thought he would be hurt and talked with his spirit about how it could be possible to be with him and someone else. He told me that he would find it hard and I realised that I would find it hard as well. At that point I noticed that he wanted to rejoin creation and we said goodbye to eachother. I have let his spirit go and I know that I can talk to him anytime I want to when I visit a peaceful lake.

When you kiss or make love to someone of either sex in a dream, it means you are wanting to be close to that person. So even though he has passed on, you are still longing to be close to him. <br />
The fact that he didn't say goodbye doesn't have anything to do with you - it was because he was so wrapped up in his illness - schizophrenia is extremely debilitating. <br />
When you're dad (father figure- means protective, mentoring, guiding) pushes him off the cliff, it means that your subconscious is trying to let him go, but when he hits the rocks and gets bloodied, you are resisting letting him go and this is painful for you. When he reappears at the top, this means you haven't let him go yet. You could try meditating and imagining him floating peacefully down the cliff with your blessings. Or when you awaken, try to feel peaceful and loving feelings instead of fear.

Please listen to your friend..he is trying to keep you safe from harm.

it could..all of that is realistic except for the dad dad is a vile person..

Maybe he is telling you a close friend or someone who will become your close friend is going to cause trouble and your dad will try and help you but this person wants to drag you down with them. It makes sense x

thats what my friend said too...thank you.(:

Keep your eyes open to what he's telling you it may be a warning of sorts. Its been said that when we dream we can end up in the spritual realm through asteral projection.