I had this dream in which I was walking with my laundry by the side of the street and was heading towards my home at night. A car passed me in which I saw 3 men. Suddenly a man grabbed me by my hand and tried pulling me in. I took off my hand and started running towards my house. They chased me……but I found it surprising that I escaped. I was in doubt………..I mean I didn’t think I was able to run enough so fast that I could outrun anybody. So I looked back and that’s when I saw them and shot me. I got up and could feel how the gang-raped girls would be feeling after such incidents in real. Again I thought, only if I hadn’t doubted God’s ability to keep me fast-paced in the dream……….then maybe I would have survived in my dream!!!
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hmmmm... don't worry... everything is fine now...<br />
it was just a bad dream... nothing like that will happen to u in real..<br />
believe in god and believe in yourself,,, you can outrun hundreds of such filthy bastards...<br />
be confident.. be aware.. be safe... enjoy your life... explore your life<br />
and always keep that smile on your face<br />
god bless you.. and take care

There is a whole section of EP devoted to dreams and their meanings,if you scroll this page to the bottom,on the left hand side you will see the title SHARE under that click on dreams,hey presto,you are now in dreamland :-)