Forgotten Who I Was

i had the dream about last year but in the dream i was graduating from high school and i graduated in 2009... so the dream went like this.

the first thing i can remember is leaving the auditorium where i got my diploma, and i went to the hospital to see my grandfather. so i sat down on the chair while he was sitting on another chair in his room and i said all excited "Look! i graduated!" and he said "ok" he then took a breath and said all disappointingly "you have forgotten who you are" and he turned his head from me and just didn't listen to anything i had to say. i asked "what are you talking about I'm Jahvon your grandson" but before i finished he started to age super fast and crumble and flake apart, after the eyes dissolved and disappeared i woke up.
But the thing is my grandfather died about a week before i graduated, and when i woke up i realized that it wasn't my grandfather but someone i know very well but i didn't recognize and i still don't recognize who they where but i feel as if i'v known them all my life.
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Aug 23, 2011