The Hollow

I was standing by a pond in the middle of some woods. It had a ladder leading into the water like a swimming pool, and my family were swimming in it despite how dirty the water looked. I was clutching a book to my chest. It looked like a diary and the pages were yellowing with age. It was important to me, because when the wind suddenly blew the pages away I was running after them trying to gather them all up. Many of the pages were scattered near a huge tree, and as I walked closer I discovered a hollow inside the tree.

In the next part of the dream I was sitting on a swing inside the hollow. I think there was someone pushing me, I can't remember what they looked like as it's a very vague memory. There were lots of cobwebs everywhere and the roof of the hollow looked very unstable. Each time I swung forward it looked like it might collapse, so I told the person to stop the swing. It was then that I saw a human skeleton in the corner by the wall, and they started telling me how I was going to meet the person this once was one day.

Then there was silence, and I turned around and they had become nothing more than a lifeless pile of bones on the floor. Another skeleton.  
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The dirty pool, the diary and the tree are three different symbols...the dirty pool where other people (your family) are swimming within has an invitation (the ladder) for you to join them, but a pool and water symbolizes perception (consciousness) and when the water is dirty it means that "they are swimming in a bunch of illusions", you do not think the same as them and you are able to see their thus feel different from them because you "see more than them" and they don't understand you because of it.<br />
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Now the pages of your diary, especially that they are old signifies old wisdom and perceptions, almost Divine in nature...and the tree symbolizes "the tree of knowledge"...where you find comfort away from people who aren't able to get on your mind level.<br />
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Cobwebs may symbolize mother spider's ancient connection of all things in Spirit...or that you are confused, yet you swing (move forward in this unknown venture)...the roof that looks unstable means that you are slightly are afraid that you will get hurt for choosing a path different than theirs.<br />
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But did you also not feel safe in the hollow? Driven by something Divine far away from the mundane? Skeletons represent Death but not really in a bad way, but rather suggesting curiosity for the "unknown" and fears you need to enjoy the ride (swing) and you'll see the roof won't collapse if you only have faith...what will collapse is your fear of the unknown (the pile of bones)...<br />
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The woods symbolize being far from the world and deep in meditation - in your own mind...maybe it is something deep in yourself that is leading you to swing in the skies of the unknown...the main thing is fear and acceptance.<br />
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Well enjoy discovering the in a higher hand...the swing won't break but your fear will hold you back (stop swinging)..the silence that occured is the moment you have to decide to be ruled by fear or faith.

may be you are going to get buried treasure..

I can understand why such a dream would ave a forceful impact on You, Angel, but I don't think You have anything to worry about.