I Think I Saw God In My Dreams.... And It Was Just The Beginning To Many Dreams.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had strange dreams. Most revolve around a war, but who against I don't know. Others revolve around a small church near my house. I'll start with the dream that started it all....

In the waking world, I had just lost my grandfather. It was about a week or so after his death. I dreamed I was outside playing in the sun with my dog, and I noticed she had been bitten by a snake. I was so upset, I was getting up to go find my parents when it a got dark and the wind started to blow hard. My dad and mom ran outside holding my brothers hand, and yelled to me we have to leave. We get in the family car and my dad looks to my mom and says "We have to get to the church now." There was no explanation why, just seem like the only option to my parents. I remember being so scared as we drove down the road to the church. Something compelled me to look out my car seat window to the sky. Up above us was these huge (like giants) angels with horns crossing the sky heading toward the church. I remember how pale their faces were and how clear their eyes were. My dad seeing this drove faster to the church. We get to the church and go inside. The whole church congregation was there. They were terrified crying and huddling up to one another on one side of the church. One man in particular began to freak out, and my family went to help soothe him. I was left in the middle of the aisle all alone. A clap of thunder shook the church and lightning flashed so bright it blinded me. When my sight returned to me, I remember looking down the aisle and I saw this man on a golden throne. I remember feeling so small when I saw him. He was in a flowing robe, his hands were pale but strong looking. The strangest thing was I could not see his face no matter how hard I tried to focus my eyes. His face was nothing but a glowing beautiful light. The thunder clapped again. A man appeared on his right side in a pure white robe/deep purple sash. He was also pale and I could see his face. His eyes were so hollow, but warm at the same time. Seeing them made me feel safe. The world around me just seem to fall away. Angels appeared behind both men, all staring at me. The man on the throne raised his hand toward me and began to speak. I could not understand the language he spoke, but I felt comfort. Him and the man on his right began to talk to one another, glancing back at me. I walked slowly down the aisle as they talked. When I reached half way the man on the throne pointed to his right to a pew in the church. Sitting on the pew was my grandfather. He was talking to a older man, and a little girl played at their feet (the little girl was a cousin of mine that had drowned). They looked so happy laughing and talking. I remember they were covered by this beautiful light that still brings tears to my eyes today. The man on the throne began to talk again. I looked back to him as if to say thank you for what he showed me. Even though I could not see his face, I could feel him smiling back at me. The thunder clapped again, and he was gone. So was the man on his right and the angels. The thunder clapped again, and I was back home playing in the yard with my dog. Her snake bite was gone. I ran to ask my parents what had happen, but they said we had never left. That we had never went to the church. They had no clue what I was talking about. I woke up feeling so overwhelmed I cried and told my mom about the dream. I remember going to a pastor to ask for guidance, but he just stared at me blankly and said I needed to pray.

(Extra note: The older man in my dream my grandfather was talking too, I came later to discover after looking threw some old photos was my other grandfather. He had died before I was born, and to my best recollection I had never seen a picture of him before. I had described the older man to my mother and my aunt. Neither one of them said anything, but started to show me pictures. When I came to the picture of their dad, I knew that was the other man on the pew from my dream.)

I know my post is long, but thank you in advance to those that read this. I'll be posting more that came after this dream. I'd appreciate any insight.
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Hi ! What am going say might be crazy ! I have seem dreams about different gods from age 10 ,now am 23  I still have dreams about lord Jesus ,Allah, Shiva and sai baba , I don't believe in all religions but I believe god is one , from my childhood days I remember about dreams of gods , some dreams are really scary , in few dreams I see myself like am on bed and I am watching my body and I go to my prayer room ,I have taken photos of gods in temples  , theses photos reveal god somewhere if you look carefully  , my palm lines are different on both hands, what does these means ? I have lot to say , someone answer me

I had a dream where I was late to class and suddenly everyone hated me. Then in my dream I went home where my parents beat me and my mom told me she was a lesbian. The strange thing is that I get these more often.

I know exactly what your talking about because i had dream this morning that there was this blinding beautiful white light and i felt so safe i felt loved. Because lately ive been having strange thoughts and dreams and when i saw that light i knew it had to be god telling me everything was going to be ok.

I believe that everyone has their own reality, and that their beliefs are real for them. I do not necessarily believe in God but I know that your faith in God showed you what you needed to see at the time. It is a way for your body to instinctually comfort you. As we sleep our minds also naturally search for answers to questions. Your dream may be a vision to help you understand.

On a different note I'll just interpret the dream itself. A snake represents hidden fears or worries. The storm signifies a struggle, shock, or loss in waking life. On a different note a storm also symbolizes your rising spiritually. To see God signifies your spiritual and expression of your feelings about divinity. A dream that involves Jesus serves to console and strengthen you in a time of hardship or struggle.

In many near death situations people say that they see a light at the end of a tunnel, and they get a deep sense of peace. Many religious people believe it is heaven, controversially I interpret this as a way for the body to comfort the mind. Just like in dreams the body releases a natural drug that causes hallucinations during death.

I honestly cannot be sure of anything, but my theory is that just like in a near death situation you saw something that comforts you and helps you to understand.

Well, I have to say, this is odd, but yet at the same time understandable. Dreams seem to be something that the mind comes up with, and curiosity sparks. Sometimes it means something to you, other times it just dose not make a lick of seance.

Interpretation, "Strange dreams" I Think I Saw God In My Dreams.... And It Was Just The Beginning To Many Dreams.

Curiosity is a realm of the unknown. Your dream is a vivid concept of spiritual ideals and the symbols of your faith. It reveals the hope of redemption and the intercession of prayer. You embrace a sense of divine oversight and the belief in Gods healing. You understand and you see what others cannot. You comprehend the conflict that resides in all men. You trust in the Lord and you share his empathy for others. The depth of your dream is one of inquiry and acknowledgement before God and of God, concerning the outcome of life, love and those who have passed away. A sense of resolve has followed you through difficult times. Your heart has been comforted with understanding and the knowledge that you and those you love are in the hands of the Lord. You can rest in the Lord and know his promise is true.

I really like this story... Ik how it is with grandparents dying... My grandmas are both dead... One died when I was 2... The other died on Jan . 7th of 2007 and I remember having a dream about her and when I woke I heard my mom crying and immediately knew she was dead... This experience still gives me goosebumps but I loved my grandmother and would give anything to have her back ... Thank you for sharing!

Thanks you for sharing, that was a beautiful dream, maybe it was a message from your grandfather or deceased loved ones like your cousin :') nothing to worry about.

Sounds like you got to go into The Throne Room. Jesus always sits at the Fathers right hand. Place of honor. You got go be in this wonderful place. The serpent may bite but Jesus is your healer. Church represents going to God when serpent sneaks in a bite. Heaven is Real, read that book and many others. Lots of confirmation of similar experiences I've heard of. Also My Dream of Heaven sounds familar with your story from late 1800 I think. I love your encounter with the otherside.

Also these are obviously not holy angelic beings Bible speaks of war in the heavenlies Revelation 12:7 However you were protected proof in dream -- healed of snake bite. God is all about you, glad you're seeking this out and not just ignoring God wanting to communicate with you. Ignore the preachers ignorance and get the answers to this obvious spiritual dream.

This dream is an answer from God. You lost your grandfather and feel the world is caving in on you. Was he maybe some of the importance in your spiritual journey. Are your parents having trouble handling this loss? The storms represent the turmiol that comes with great loss. The angels are messengers of God and leading you to God. Maybe the fear in the church itself, is the turbulance of your spiritual journey. When my granfather(Methodist minister) died a painful hard death, I questioned God, Why one of your servents. It is written somewhere in the Bible that a man, who looks upon his face will parish. The man to the right would be Jesus. He said when he died "I will be at the right hand of God the next time you see me". Purple means something, I don't remember what but my grandfather always wore a purple sash every Sunday. God said "you will see me through my son, those you confess he is the son of God and believe will have eternal life". (Not actual quotes and not sure where in the bible but they're in there) Jesus was pointing to your families to comfort you. They're here with us and will see you again someday. Snake bites are commonly known to be death, reference to the serpant that lead Eve astray. So the snake bite is the death of your grandfather, as death is th serpants but when you go back it never happened because Jesus took the bite when he died on the cross. Your family members are in heaven with them because Jesus died for everyone. This dream was a special gift from God, you are so blessed. SD

Purple represents true authority and royalty. Check out Revelatio 3:21 Revelation 4

that is alright sometimes there are things we are thinking of...like you said inner conflict...exactly

that is alright sometimes there are things we are thinking of...like you said inner conflict...exactly

I appreciate all your support and prayers. I'm sorry I haven't expressed my gratitude sooner, for all of you taking the time to read/respond back to me. I continue to have many dreams, one of my most recent ones have left me a little confused and overwhelmed. I will be posting it today. Please continue to pray for me as I try and figure out what's going on in my head/dreams. I don't know if I'm trying to resolve deep issues threw my dreams (my dreams being symbolic of some kind of inner conflict) or if "someone' is trying to tell/show me something. Be safe out there.

I have had a church dream like yours and not as detailed ...I should write about it...I lived in Guam at the time and there was this huge catholic Church in the heart of Guam and I dreamed of something that resembled that Church. When I entered there was a man with a hood and an old robe and I couldn't see his face and his hood covered his face and it was dark but he kept gestering his hand to go inside and he was on steps of the Church. Entering their were huge doors that I had to pull open heavy door handles that were gigantic. As I walked in none of the pues were located in the church only a large window with beeming light blue light that eluminated around in a location in a distance but an I was feeling kind of scared...all of a sudden I was in front of this light (something like in the movies when it's put in fast forward as though you flew there on your feet) and a Huge Cross stood in front of me and this light illuminated brightly in front of me and I was terrified and scared it was so overwelming it starteled me and then I was rushing for the side door trying to get out praying our father prayer...and my clothes got stuck in the door and I woke up...I think it's fear of god ..and this happened for a week I was having religious dreams...mine were more symbolic...another was about saying goodbye to my Grandmother at my old house...I grew up with my Grandparents and I missed her funeral because I lived in Guam...she died on my birthday Feb 13th, 20 years ago...that is another story...write to you about it...Yes these are dreams that will stay with us all our lives...

Thank you for sharing this with me.

This is not the only type of dream I've had like this one...I've had a few like this...awwww no problem...yours seems so beautiful and surreal...

ive never had a dream like this but WOW. this story of your dream sent chills through my whole body the whole time. i believe this is a blessing and youre incredibly lucky to have recieved it. i dont know if it means anything to you but to others it seems very significant.

all I can say is WOW. I have had a dream almost the same as yours up to the point where you got into the car to drive to the church...... I woke up just before we left in the car but everything else happened, the snake bite on my dog, the wind and darkness, the lighting and so on. I am a physic and it seems to me that what happened is during a dream your grandfather helped you to travel to him and see where he is and to see a small part of what is to come for all of us some day.

Wow I believe you Grandfather wanted you to know him the only way he could was through a dream and maybe now that u know him there is a reason one day when it's your time to go you can find both grandparents even though u never meet him .He knows who you are by watching over you now.Keeping you safe.

I agree with Kimberly, I think this means something... You don't have dreams like this on coincedence.

I believe this is suppressed creativity try writing about your dreams or trying to draw an image from the dream it will help to clarify things

I think you were being "told" that there is something you are meant to do here on earth. And yes, I believe when the time comes you will know exactly what you are supposed to do, Take a look around you at the signs of the times that we are living in, Do you not believe that Revelations will happen within your lifetime? I have to tell you, I believe it;s much closer than a lot of people realize. There are also those who believe it, but they will deny that out of fear...........................................................I believe that was a gift,,,,,,,,,,A very special one................