Dehydrated Fruit Bats

Yep.. I just had a dream that this woman sold me a bag of dehydrated fruit bats. Wing, body and all.. kinda shriveled up like, and packaged for consumption as some sort of delicacy. They had a texture similar to jerky, though, in the dream at least, tasted much like dehydrated fruit.
Definitely up there among the most ****** up dreams I've ever had.
Mougywolf Mougywolf
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Mmmmm yum! This is the funniest dream. Makes me long for Halloween.

let me see... this probably means that you were hungry but the bat. do you have a fascination with winged mammals?

Why, yes, I rather am fascinated by winged mammals. This dream I had not too long after my watching BBC's Life and Planet Earth series, and I was particularly enthralled by the bats. I have seen a few up close before, place I use to live, we'd find them in our attic at times. They are remarkable creatures.

Lol... Tooo many halicangens.....


much weirdness happens in the dream world for me. waking up asking myself where the **** did that come from..

Is this the same old lady from the other dream in this dream too? Sounds like some spirit guide... You have interesting dreams, that could help yourself and others.<br />
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As for the bats, I've been thinking, they need to feed...maybe you learn from people who you see as spiritually dehydrated. Learn as in "food" eating the lessons you learn from people who you think are ignorant of some things.<br />
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Wow, great message...keep on dreaming!!! And telling your spirit tales.

Wasn't the same lady, no. Didn't really put much thought into them, as per an analysis.. but thanks! Will do =)

Hahaha maybe your spit is the very thing that would give them that delicacy taste.

lol, maybe

Exotic trip in your near future?? <br />
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I remember I had a dream once I was being attacked by barbie dolls... I am serious!!