Blonde Blue Eyed And Abandoned.

So there I sat in the waiting room of the hospital. There were people all around me, but none of them were familiar. None of them were family. I was looking at the floor. It was your typical hospital floor. White linoleum with flecks of black. There was someone mopping a hallway close by. My feet didn't quite touch the floor. Judging by the clothes I was wearing it must've been 1950 something.
I had blonde hair and shimmering blue eyes. They felt like weapons and I wielded them as such. I was swinging my legs as I sat and wondered what I would do next. They had never loved me anyway. They had always loved my kid brother more than me. He never got into trouble and I was always to blame. It seemed only fitting that I should be here by myself.  It was fitting that finally they left me here and they weren't coming back. Strange part was I didn't care. I didn't need them. Hell I didn't even want them. I would be better off without them.
What's even stranger than that is that in reality I am a 32 yr old black guy.
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Dreams are product of the unconscious mind. So, perhaps you wanted to be something different. someone far from who you are....just to be accepted?

Interesting. I've often had dreams that I was someone completly different and wondered if it was a previous life. I wonder if this is so for you.

Past life maybe?

are you a writer? i like your story very much.

I think this is a very empowering dream.....not that you really became a scandanvian but deep inside you have totally separated your identity from your rejecting family....I like that the setting is a your have gone back to birth and redone your identify and story

WOW , Now I know why they call you The WanderArtist , you ought to write short stories or novels , You had me hanging on every word , Great writings .