Weird Dreams

This been happing for a few years now but I never had the guts to talk or write about it. Once in a while I have this very estrange dream. I see this man who I’m very attracted to, a young, very handsome and tall man. In the dream he usually looks at me, tries to get closer to me and tries to kiss me and seduce me. When we are close to have intercourse I wake up. The weird part about it is that I know who he is even though he doesn’t talk to me. He’s Satan! What I don’t understand is that I’m not a religious person, I’m actually an Atheist!
He never looks the way most people imagine him as. His eyes are very black though and I feel so attracted to him when I look at them as if something is pushing me towards him.
What a heck is this?
Tica1 Tica1
26-30, F
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ok so it could be that the devil is trying to conseive and if he does that occuring child could be satans son anti christ etc. just dont get to that point with him

Forbidden love or lust? did you have a religious upbringing that would make satan be a scary figure deep in your unconscious. Is there a man you are attracted too who your subconscious is telling you is dangerous. Or is there something you want to try new that you are scared about......but also very attracted too. Only you can judge if the fear is worth listening to?????? black eyes make me think of aliens

Hello , It sounds like your body is trying to tell you something , Your body or you yourself may be considering intercourse , but your subconsciousness is fighting with you , and you inside feel that it is wrong , that is why you who consider yourself an atheist , see this stranger as Satan ( who in most religions is considered as evil ) . I see by your age stated that you are between 26 - 30 . I do not know your back ground or how sexually active you have been . But I am in my 2nd year of behavioral sciences . And these and similar dreams are often found in young women , who are either virgins or very little sexual experience. It is very normal to have these dreams if this is your case , the fact that you are waking up before actually complete the act , shows the fear of completing the act . Relax , sometimes your subconsciousness takes over in your dreams , if you dream this again be prepared to tell yourself , I am in control of my life and I do not do anything that I do not want to do . Hopefully this will help you understand .