So Weird, Slightly Disturbed

Okay so I recently had a weird dream.
I was pulling out of a parking lot making a left turn to get out and so I do, but I realized that the brakes of this gray van aren't working. I push on it harder and they do not work. I realized I almost got hit by a truck but my dad pushed a bunch of shopping carts in front of the truck. I didn't realize he was with me on this trip nor was he in the car since the car was moving.

I tried to see what happened to my dad but I couldn't turn back to look. I kept hitting the brakes but they wouldn't work. I began to stand on the break and that seemed to make the brakes work and I stopped just in time; before getting into a busy intersection. Then I woke up. I don't know. This was so weird. It was scary. I didn't wake up with a fast heartbeat or anything, just woke up disoriented.

Maybe it might mean I'm scared about school or the directions I am taking my life..or maybe am I dissatisfied with what I am doing? Who knows but that was one of the weirdest dreams ever. I don't even know if my dad died in this dream or not. Very disturbing.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2012

hmmm yeah I figured. But I still don't understand my reference to my dad LOL. lol do you do dream interpretations or is this like your thoughts? haha cuz I would like your thoughts on another dream LOL

It seems like to me that you need to really 'put the brakes' on something in your life that isn' really in line with your long term goals or maybe isn't good for you. Your dad saved you once but he isn't available to help you again. It is something you have to work out on your own. Think about this because it seems pretty clear cut to me.