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OK, Last night I dreamed that I lived in a small house in a remote area of Alaska during the summer. Some how a big Styrofoam box had opened up and all the snakes got out. I was able to capture most of them but it seemed every time I got close to getting the last few back in the box, more would escape. The snakes were all types and shapes and sizes with different shaped faces and heads. I would put some back in the original box, toss some outside, and some in a new makeshift box. They were everywhere. No two were the same. I woke up before I could catch all of them, exactly one minute before my alarm was supposed to go off. I was hoping it was at least two hours before my alarm was supposed to go off, because it felt like I had not gotten any sleep.
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Snakes and snakes and snakes. They generally mean the foreboding of evil in various shapes and forms. Perhaps at the time of this dream, you were dealing with troubles or stresses.

Isn't it amazing how it feels so realistic in dreams? You flash back to reality, heart racing, wondering if it was real or not?

Thank you for your posting.

well I'm pretty much always stressed so that could be a cause. but seriously, I think it might have been a little bit of stress and that I actually had a small garter snake in my house last year that I think was brought in when we carried in some lawn furniture.

I agree about realistic dreams. I would live my life in them if I could lol. they are always more exciting than what is possible in reality. When I was a child I woke up screaming because I dreamed a snake bit me on my toe. But those are the only two snake dreams I can remember.