Knot What It Seams (my Dreams)

I'll try to explain this as simply as possible; it feels like I'm living two lives. My dreams have developed into what seems like a whole other vivid existence. I'm a painter, but the thing's I've experienced in these "ethereal worlds" have me considering writing a novel. It's like the whole story is writing itself for me.

Quite basically I have been wandering "earth" as a lemur (yes a lemur, that's the best way I can describe it), although it appears everyone just fell asleep and never woke up decades prior. Most appear to have been watching the television or were on their computer, and just gave up living; corpses everywhere. When I first realized this it really disturbed me, but in my dreams I've become totally cool with it because all of those people are still there. They are all ghost's and they all know who I am. Most are focused on something they regret (as all ghost's do I suppose), but when they ask me for help all I can give them is the certification of the irony of their situation (not being truly dead). On a nightly basis I literally swim-jump through the air from town to city to mountain communicating with these people and exploring the ruined landscape. I can easily befriend most that appear, but I can never seem to give them what they are so focused on. The whole dead humanity is a very personal thing for me, and I have extreme empathy for those I meet and the environment that decay's around them. I just can't do anything about it! except to watch it all decay, which can be very peaceful at times. Just the other night I remember looking at a derelict and overgrown apartment building and for some reason I was interacting with the thing as a whole like a chest of drawers. Each drawer (or apartment) was filled with such fascinating "nostalgia". However one room was especially emotional to me; a kids room. It was like searching through a box of my old toy's, but the room was absolutely full of them. Another location of note is a cave that I seem to frequent, almost a home though more of like a meeting place for other "lemurs" like me. I can only remember one of their names (which is something like thaat or thayt), but they can also transform into humans if they want. The cave itself isn't a cave in a traditional sense, as the whole thing is constantly changing. The only way to describe it is like watching a forest grow like clouds move when sped up.  A few miles from the cave there is an old southern town, but it's state is even worse than the cities, almost like it had been dead for longer than most of the other places I had been. Most of the building's are just piles of rotting wood, but of course their is a sizable host of dainty ghost's who hang out there!

I don't expect anyone to be able to interpret all this, but some feedback would be wonderful. It's been hard to describe it in words to those I know, but this should do it a wee bit more justice methinks. I wish I could show everyone!
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I think the lemurs (wide, big-eyed nocturnal creatures) are the people who are awake, they are watching, observing, aware. Unlike most of humanity, who are in darkness. The ones who fell asleep a long time ago, still asleep, unlike the wide-eyed lemurs.<br />
I think the cave is EP - everchanging, a meeting room of sorts for other lemurs.<br />
The old southern town could be Facebook - a place of decay and a breeding ground for rotting ideas and the half-dead.<br />
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That is a damn cool dream/series of dreams, though, boy. Would make a really cool book/film/animated story. Can I act/do voiceovers/proofread for it?<br />
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Also, I know that feeling of observation of the ghosts. It can be painful - you so want to help them but there seems to be no way. You can only be kind and patient with them but there's no way to ease their burdens/plights. Unless it's just still hidden from us...<br />
And the detachment at other times - sweet lack of involvement in it all, looking on from the outside (or inside, depending on how you like to describe it). But that can be so lonely. It's good to have other lemurs to share with!<br />
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Thanks :) SUCH a cool thing to share, really appreciate it!

I am extremely grateful for the response ma'am! I was thinking the same thing about the Lemurs (wide eyed, full of life and awareness), but there is an irony to the name; Lemur is the ancient Greek name for wandering ghost or (hungry ghost if I can remember it correctly). I was thinking because the species was named so poorly/nondescript, perhaps there may be some sort of bridge for my reality.

I feel so far from almost everyone I know (even though I'm so close to those I meet in my dreams), and I'm often labeled as such; distant, eccentric, non caring, too focused on my work. I don't watch television. I don't follow sport's. I distance myself as far as possible from drama, but I'm content with myself on a level I have never felt since leaving that reality.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly as I have found) most individuals seem to only be able to socialize within that media driven reality. I find that I must watch myself when embarking into an environment of man. My parent's fear for me. I'm not talking to myself or making evil stares, I just interact with the world to the fullest. I can't help but "stop and smell the roses". I want to see everything I walk by, my head goes every which way! But nobody else does that. I see them always facing forward, never looking around. Never fully there they appear. Even when a car speeds towards them most people don't seem to take notice. It's like they don't even know how to survive anymore (and I live right next to Virginia Tech, you would think my fellow youth would appear more aware and full of life).

I think my point is, I'm alone and I want to wake these sad people up so much. To them I am the sleeper, and there is pity for my lack of knowledge of their world. The truly sad part is that they have the greater mass of humanity from which to fall back into that reality, and to think it's okay to stagnate upon the breadth of our electronic compendiums for huge chunks of time. I fear for all man so much. In a way they do act like living ghost's. Here we are/were at such a brilliant pinnacle for all men to imbibe the knowledge of a million generations, but it is all lost in deceitful inhibition and mediocre existence. Far from the true appreciation and empathy it deserves. Will it truly take another dark age before we can come to a more supreme realization? Dear god I hope not.

In regards to the ascription of my dreams, I'm already in the process but I would love some help! Your response has already given me some support/inspiration, and if you can give me some more critique or interpretation I would hugely appreciate it. Before that however, me and a fellow "lemur" (james chan) are developing a waking midnight odyssey I embarked on last summer into a stop motion animation. Thank you again, Cabria. I just made an account and this is the first post I ever made :]