Battle Dream

I had a rather intense dream last night...I was on a battlefield in ancient times. In the distance a great city was burning and lit up the evening sky in a brilliant orange that was highlighted with the twilight's purple and deep blue. All around me men were fighting with swords, spears, maces and shields. I defeated the man I was fighting only to be knocked to the ground from behind. I rolled over with my sword at the ready, and above me stood a roman soldier. In one swift move of his sword he removed my weapon from my grasp. Now with the point of his sword at my throat he knelt down and said to me, "When your soul has been raped, mutilated and plundered you have a choice. You can submit to the cruelty, or you can rise up and reclaim your honor!" Has he spoke the last few syllables he rose up and was silhouetted by the burning city. He then punctuated his last words by driving his sword into the ground beside my head. With that he turned back into the fight seeking his next battle.

It's been a long time since a dream woke me up with a startled WTF on my lips...this one did it!
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The war represents whats been going on in your life, being knocked down, abadonment, things happing to you that you did not cause, The roman shoulder was an angel, the war was a roman war, which represents the devil(the enemy) The angel was telling you in so many words, you have been through a lot already but not to give up. The sword is representation of the word of God.There is somethings still coming your way but not give up, I dont know if you believe in God but you pick up the word it will help you(thats what I got)

What a great interpretation!!! More or less right along the line of what I was thinking as well...though I tend to refer to the higher power differently, and I hadn't considered the presence of an angel. Thank you very much for you comment! :-)

I believe this is more along the lines of the truth. He sunk the sword (word of god) next to your head, because you need to be reading and understanding. You can't use the sword if it is in the ground... TAKE THE SWORD!

I've had re-accuring dreams like this before, it could represent a past life, like mine, mine always have me as a greek priestess to the goddess Hecate, it's so magical i've convinced myself that it was a past life

That sounds like a way cool dream!!! I love dreams like this that are so real and so powerful. Who knows, maybe it was a past life :-)

Some say that this type of dream may represent memories of a past life, but I suppose it could have other meanings also.

ya i have dreams like that but my weopan is a sword and i am some time runing after some thing

english please

That definitely means something. It could mean, it's time to stop depleting our souls with entertainment (sexual or otherwise) and reclaim the country that we allowed to be pillaged.

Wow what a significant dream you had there! I don't know if you believe this but maybe you were a solider in your past life (some sort of reincarnation kind of thing lol) Or maybe some sort of message that you still have a chance to stop whatever it is you're doing that is damaging your reputation and reclaim your honor.

That was brilliant, fantastic. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that perhaps your guide may be trying to give you something worth thinking about. If it was as vivid as you say, that is.

I suspect you may be right about that!

I once dreamt that I was sitting in an egg server as were the bunnies near me. We were on a mounted shelf that broke and as we fell slowly down the wall, we repeated, "It's not flat, it's not flat!" In plain English accents.<br />
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I didn't read too much into it.

oh see so it's withdrawals then.. lolz or hmm, did you fall asleep with your "sword" in ur hand again? rofl... *ducking for cover*

And just what is wrong with falling asleep with my "sword" in hand?! LOLZ *throws a shoe at you*

sprised ju had a free hand to throw the shoe... bwahaha! fuhk i missed u!

past life.. game.. naked under a tunic.. oh I'm glad I came back here, you needed me. alright, here's what it means. You drank to dayum much and smoked to dayum much before passing out! and you have one fuhked up (but very creatively lovely) mind! there done! next!! tehehe!

Hey now! I'll have you know I haven't had much at all to drink in months! And I...well, you're prolly right about the rest of that ;-) lol

I think the dream means you forgot to wear something under the tunic before sleeping. ;p

Hey... just posted a blog about battle... great minds think alike! Yours is greater though. =)

Now why would I wear something under the tunic I don't wear to bed? ;-) hehe

Duh. In case the battle starts! ;p

There lies a wisdom in this dream, I hope that it forbodes a new job.

I hadn't thought of it like may very well be right! Thank you for a fresh look at it :-)

Awesome dream ! Sounds like you should work it into a new playstation game and make a fortune !

Great idea! Make it the basis for something along the lines of God of War ;-)

That would be excellent !!!

I'm not sure about much of myself in the dream. I was wearing a dirty white tunic and leather armor and my shield was wooden with a leather cover. My sword was short and the metal was almost black. I saw my hair as I flung it out of the way once...long, black, curly and oily. As for the purpose of the fight, no idea really...but it felt like we were mounting a defensive first strike at an invader. It was a desert like area with hills and the ground was rocky and dusty. The city in the distance had high walls and few buildings outside of them.

what u dreamed was more likely a memory of one of ur past lives... i have had quite a few of those, mostly dealing with my soul mate that i have been unable to find in this life... but ur dream is very interesting... do u have any idea about urself in the dream?... where u were from or what u were fighting for?