Anyone Else Have An Idea?

hi, i just want to throw this out there, cause well i'm confused as a baby in a topless bar...

anyone ever have a dream where they could (hahaha, i'm so gonna get made fun of for this...) "cling" to the wall like spiderman?

does anyone maybe know what this means? i looked up some dream interpretation stuff, found info on spiders, and walls.~! go figure! but nothing on, well taking on the attributes of said arachnid. 

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every night

I should also add that a spider in general is a negative maternal symbol, an inversion of the nurturing mother figure. She sits at the center of web, then traps and feeds on whoever is unfortunate enough to get caught. She lives by draining and mummifying anyone close to her, so she is often a symbol of the abusive or emotionally draining mother. This could be another important emotional dimension of the dream...

In the unconscious, disobeying the laws of gravity means disobeying the deeply rooted laws of the family dynamic in which you grew up. So in clinging to walls you are expressing an unconscious wish to escape what you believe are the oppressive dynamics of your current life or of early childhood. A lot of childhood is spent feeling helpless and feeling that things are terribly unfair, which they often are. You counter this by becoming the figure of Spider Man, who is free, incredibly strong, jumps anywhere and spins webs while catching thieves and criminals. This could be the ex<x>pression of a desire to catch figures from your early life that you believe robbed you of a healthy emotional dynamic. You would have to supply more detail in order to figure out what, specifically, your dream was addressing.<br />
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You also focus on the word "Cling", so have you ever been accused of being "Clingy"? A lot of dreams revolve around key words and concepts, and this might be an inversion of the concept of emotional clinginess. In real life its viewed as a bad thing, but in your dream it becomes a powerful superpower. <br />
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These are just some random thoughts. Hope they help.

I have always flown in my dreams. I dream of water and much rushing water and some of it murky and I have looked up some of the symbols and it is very interesting. I have also sat a chair in front of myself and imagined myself and talked to myself to remember my dreams and it works sometimes. I was told to that a person could do this. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

Maybe just maybe...If a girl comes home drunk and can't remember if she had sex...she can remove her panties and throw them at the wall...if they stick to the wall....<br />
Maybe just

thats a strange dream indeed...if it were my dream...i would be frightened...we all have weird dreams...whenever i have one i dont not understand...i get a scardy cat like! but nonetheless, i feel our dreams hold some kind of truth to them...maybe you have some hiddedn super power...not super power like moving stuff w/you mind or lazer shooting eyes...but like a special gift or hidden talent...hmmm...makes ya wonder huh?

I once had a dream that I was in my mom's bedroom and I noticed this huge spider on the wall. Only it wasn't a spider, it was a toy train. A big long one like the one you see around Xmas trees! Anyways, it scared me so I started yelling for my boyfriend Brian (he is actually my ex-boyrfriend and also is afraid of spiders) to come and squish it. But he couldn't hear me so I kept yelling louder for him. Finally I yelled his name so loud that I actually shouted his name out in my sleep. Unfortunately I was dating another guy at the time and hoped that he didn't hear what I had said. But when it came out of my mouth, it sounded like Bwyyaahhh, as if I was underwater. LOL. Anyways, I guess that didn't have much to do with spiders but thought I'd share it. I don't know why a train would be a spider!

I've had dreams where I was flying through walls. But, the weirdest dream I've ever had was my cat talking to me. When I woke up, I was so happy that it was only a dream. My cat was talking non-stop in my dream.

lol, I liked the baby in a topless bar line, I'll have to use that sometime.<br />
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It sounds like you have an obstacle that you consider fun to overcome, at least that's what wall-climbing would mean for me.

how did you feel in the dream?

I'm just going on gut feeling here... but do you care for people a lot? I mean.. actually look after them? Are you seen as a hero in their eyes? <br />
I just thought that you might have been thinking that even you need some stability, something you can cling to, to fall back on and store more energy - because nobody can be a hero all the time...

This one's quite easy, what does spiderman symbolize? A hero! Climbing on walls is your idea of reaching for the stars. Your mind is simply telling you to do so that you have the capibility. You are also doubting yourself too much, which is why you had this dream. If a spider can climb on walls, you can too! Stop doubting yourself so much and go for the gold! :)

I highly recommend "Dream Power" by Dr. Ann Faraday. It goes into different theories regarding dream interpretation, including ones that can really help in situations where the normal dream dictionaries fail. <br />
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I have had dreams where I could climb walls like what you describe, but often they seemed directly inspired by watching "Heroes" or certain movies the night before the dream.

This could be an obstacle dream. Maybe there is something that is blocking your path right now, climbing can be associated with a challenge you have to master. so if you climbed to the top you would have mastered a challenge in real life. If you were mid way up maybe you are addressing the real life challenge but still have a fair way to go.

More detail would be good. My suggestion is that you are not confined to everyone else's level. You can escape the mundane and "rise above" the rest.

there were things that were occuring around me in the dream, but i most def. did not feel like a fly. i was human, but noticed- so the analogy of being a fly on the wall i wish was accurate, but not in this instance. i mean, i have had the "flying" dream and stuff before, and of course the "falling" ones, but never one where i actually could stick to the wall. just wondered if there was some significance. maybe the fact that even though i am "admired" i am still just part of the scenery... *shrug* thanks for your input though!

You need to give us more context. What are you watching? What's happening around you? How are you feeling in the dream? Maybe there is something to the 'fly on the wall' analogy - are things happening around you that are impacting your life but you feel a bystander to?

Well the cool thing about dreams is you can do anything you want when you are in a actual astral travel state, and you know you are in that state when you are doing things you generally would not do awake with our gravity. One time I flew a car and landed on some power lines woo hoo! That was fun! But you were literally climbing the walls so to speak, something is drivin ya nuts, you know like something is causing a nervous energy, at least this is what I sense. This is not the case in all wall climbing dreams I have to say because each person is unique and has their own things they are working through, but this is what I am picking up on you. *hugs* CindySue

usually you can find the meaning in the symbols. its not always the actual act. spiders are usually a good omen in dreams so its probably about a trait that helps you overcome obstacles so you gotta figure out what the trait is and what is your obstacle?

Interestingly and somewhat frighteningly, I lost gravity in dreams too. Very often in primary school time. It was hard to control and caused untolerable and unsolvable itching throughout my body. And it turns out I managed to better control as am aging.

"confused as a baby in a topless bar"? - so many choices??? - or all that silicone that makes them look full but not a drop to drink!

I have dreams of being able to jump really high over buildings (like superman) but clinging to the side of a building is different. I guess it would depend on what the point was for you being there. Were you hiding from someone, trying to get a better view, just relaxing? I think the meaning would depend on what you were up there for.