Crazy Accurate Dreams


I have CRAZY vivid and accurate dreams. Most often my dreams are stories (that are working out issues that I am unable to work out during the day) and I can remember them with every detail the next day (my dreams are really fun and my friends want me to start writing them down and make mini-stories). However, in the last 2 months my dreams have been EXTREMELY connected to my body.

In Feb 2012 I had a dream that I peed on a pregnancy test and it came back positive however as the dream progressed my husband and I were attacked by a dark evil and we were battling to save our home. Four days later I found out I was pregnant, 1 week later I had a dream that I had a miscarriage, this dream stuck with me, 2 weeks later I had a miscarriage.

My husband and I were told that we should not try to get pregnant until at least 1 cycle, we've been waiting for my cycle to "reset". Last night I had a dream that my cycle started, I woke feeling the need to pee, I went to the bathroom and behold I started.

I feel like these dreams are CRAZY connected to what my body is going through. Has any one else experience dreams where they inform you exactly what's going on with your body? There was NO symbolism in these dreams, they were very accurate to what my body was going through or what my body knew. I believe my body KNEW I was going to miscarry before I even had physical proof of my pregnancy, the same can be said with the miscarriage and the period.


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Any personal condition before becoming reality is first dreamed. <br />
I also believe we need to start creating our reality instead of just experiencing it.<br />
Our thoughts today determine what tomorrow will be. Keep positive, with good attitudes and emotions.